31 days of Bakery: mini finger lemon tarts

For my friend birthday Eric, i made this. He asked me for my legendary tarte au citron meringuée (lemon tart).

I decided to try something new for it. I was inspired by a tv show « le meilleur pâtissier ». The lady who won the competition baked that typical french desert as mini finger desert.


lemmon pie 01 copy

I made a pâte sucrée, lemon cream, and italian meringue (those are basic recipe that i have to write about).

My tips:

So the secret to make that work is to add some food gelatin in the lemon cream. If not it couldn’t hold itself on the little and narrow biscuit.

Another tip is to use a small baker blowtorch to golden the meringue.

The biscuit is full of butter so it’s important to freeze it (about 15 min) before putting it in oven.

When you’re finished dressing them up, you should eat them quickly as the biscuit soften very quickly absorbing humidity of the lemen cream.


lemmon pie 03 copy

  • My mouth has been watering ever since you told me about your special Lemon Tart! These look absolutely lemonicious and so pretty too!

    • peregrination gourmande

      Let’s try and do it. I wanted to ask you about lemon dessert… do you have a secret recipe of the lemon key pie? I loved it so much when i tasted it in Vancouver.