A Conceptual Photography Work

A few things I’ve learnt from a photography couse

This month I subscribe to a photography course by Henry Lohmeyer. It was a conceptual photography course where we had to dig in our vulnerability. It lasted 10 days, we had to post a photo per day on instagram. We received a mail per day in which Henry explained his vision about vulnerability and gave us a prompt for everyday.

What did I learn from this course?

  • I learnt how to express something complex like a feeling through photography.
  • I learnt to write a few words to complete the scenary of the photograph.
  • I made up with black and white photography.
  • And most important I worked on my creativity. I always think that I can’t be creative. That I just can repeat and learn from others but not be inventive enough myself. I got some self confidence bonus on that subject during those 10 days. Even if the first days were pretty hard to find my way, I managed without severe obstacles through the 10 different prompts.

Of course that course was also a good way to get to know better my new lover (remember? the canon 6d)!!

Here are my 10 pictures. And the text that goes with them. They are all on IG but I wanted to share them here.

1. Lost

« Once I lost something… my innocence. When my daughter became ill, I just lost it. I long to feel innocent again… What is behind the mirror? Childhood? »


2. Need

« What do I need? I desperatly need to unlock my defences. To unlock my creativity. Why is it so difficult to show my vulnerability? I feel so locked up »

3. Abandonned

« Everyday I walk in this street to go to work ot to pick up the kids at school. Everyday I go down the street and come back home. Everyday I look at these several abandoned stores. Some are to rent, others to sell. There are so many shops closed and abandoned for months now. So many projects. I think about the men and women who once had an idea, a project and abandoned it. It makes me sad and I feel the street is sad. Bars closed, butchers closed, delis closed… It has been a while that I want to work on a photography project about the stores in my city. I didn’t abandoned that idea, it’s a project still alive ».

4. Desire

« I captured this picture as we went for a ride with one of my friend. Connections. Friendships. The perfect moment when I shot her riding towards me. We felt connected through the lense. And this kind of moment makes me happy. »

5. Intention

« I wanted to take a picture of this pretty candle jar for several days. I wasn’t happy and felt frustrated with the pictures I took until last night. It was very late and dark when we had diner in the garden. I knew at this moment that my first intention will be satisfied. I love the light and shadows. The soft and warm light of candles ».

6. See

« I am not a fan of cars but when I saw this old vintage 2CV parked in my street, I thought I had a nice good and pretty subject for today’s topic. I feel the old times when I see this car, I can see lovers driving with the open roof in the countryside. I feel nostalgia and I hope my picture shows what I felt into my heart ».

2 cv

7. Awakening

« I feel awake to see with new eyes and take a picture of my garden door. It’s really old and used. The wood is damaged by years of openings and closings but still very beautiful as texture. It has called for  picture for a long time, now I see it. »


8. Reveal

 » I tried to capture some lights with low speed at the fireworks for the 14th of july. I like this one as it reveals a bit of the smokey sky. My son asked if they were spaceships. We can see whatever we want: spaceships, photo play with dark and light or simply fireworks. That’s what it is about art? « 


9. You

« I went back to my old mirror door as for the beginning of the course. Henry tought us to open ourselves through our photography. This is me. The raw me. Exhausted by this crazy year I had. I feel like the inclined mirror. Not totally straight up. That’s why I left the picture also raw. Just the B&W editing. I dislike my tired eyes but still, I like the connection between me and my camera. The morning light is really soft and I feel like it envelops me. I feel something good is coming from all of this. »

10. Found

« Today I went back to the lock. What did I find through this course? I found a wayto unlock my creativity. I found the key. To believe in my abilities to create. I have more confidence. I want to go on this path of finding myself through expressive photography ».


What do you think? Have you ever subscribe to a photography on line course?

If you are interested, please join me on #thesummermiracle and share your photos on IG following the prompts given by @henrylohmeyer and @cjust. It starts the 1st of august. I will love to see you there!


  • So gorgeous Cathy. It’s a great awakening as you said when you discover your creative side. Looking forward too seeing more! xx

    • Thanks Steph. I’m really happy to get out of my confort zone! I’ll try to do something nice for the next 10/10 xx cathy

  • LOVE these photos Cathy! I’ve really enjoyed following your journey through the online course you did – your photographs are beautiful and your words are also so inspiring! REALLY loved it all. I wish I’d known about the course and that I’d joined in with you, however I have looked up Henry and I’ll wait {and hope} for him to do another online course. Well done on unlocking your creativity – it’s so important! I’m on the same path at the moment. xxx

    • It was really an instagram chance to find this course. Will tell you when he does another. I think he will do a workshop but I think it’s in New York! haha, let’s go there? Come and pick me up with your magical spaceship ! 😉

  • Lovely photos, Cathy! I love these – I enjoyed following along with you on IG, and I am so glad that you pulled all the photos together to share with us here.

    Thank you so much for sharing them for Photo Friday with us!

    • Thanks Jen, It was difficult to go out from my confort zone but I’m quite happy of the results. xx

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I love the photos and the commentary behind them. Each photo clearly represents what you saw and wanted to share with the viewer. Beautiful, poignant and raw x

  • I really like the one of your friend riding. I think everyone feels locked up. Stay creative! Bron x

  • Wonderful photos, deep insight into – you, finding yourself. Like you I am looking at opening up more of my creativity, but in the course straying from straight photography to composites and photoart and drawing and painting. It is all part of being creative and having fun.
    p.s. Hopped over from Jen’s @ Pierced Wonderings and I’m glad I did 🙂