A day at the beach, La Rochelle

Photography circle 10/10 : november 2016 edition


La Rochelle pictures, France, by Peregrination gourmande

We are lucky enough to live not very far from the ocean. In 2 hours of car, we can enjoy a day at the beach.

As the autumn sun was still shining and warm enough, we decided to drive to La Rochelle. I love this little city. Let me take you on a special street art tour.

But first, a stop at the beach to play.

A day at the beach, black and white photography, La Rochelle, France by Peregrination gourmande

Beach, atlantic ocean, France coast, black and white picture by Peregrination Gourmande

Gangsta Cath!

street art picture at La Rochelle, France, by Peregrination gourmande

Bam Bam!

Street art photography, colorful, La Rochelle, France, by Peregrination Gourmande

La Rochelle is an old city with very nice stoned buildings.

La Rochelle remparts, by Peregrination Gourmande

I hope you enjoyed my few pics and my eye on this pretty french city by the sea. Now please go and have a look at my friends lovely pictures. Stop at Sammie and Jen.

Have a good day and take some pictures!