A Day Tour on Fraser Island

10/10 Photography Circle: august 2016 edition

A little bit of visual magic and useful TIPS : Fraser Island

A day excursion on Fraser island, Lake Mckenzie, Queensland, Australia by Peregrinamtiongourmande.com

If you asked which part of our travel we preferred, we would surely have a hard time to choose just one. Fraser Island excursion was part of our favorite. We were also very lucky with the weather and the conditions of the sand to drive on.

First I was a bit worried because the adventurer hiker wanted to rent a 4×4 car and drive on the island. I was worried because they say everywhere it might be difficult, and you may have troubles with the car… so we thought about the guided tours. We tried to book one and everything was fully booked. No other options than rent a 4×4 car or not going. That last wasn’t an option. So, rented a car but departing from the Island. Guess who was very happy?

We booked everything from Hervey Bay and took the first ferry very early in the morning to Kingfisher Bay Resort. That’s where the company of our 4×4 is.

You probably know it’s a National protected parc and the island is only made of sand. No roads, only sand.

The other way to go is to get a ferry from Rainbow Beach, meaning you don’t have to drive in the forest and you can drive only on the beach if you’d prefer that.

We were lucky apparently, because the sand condition was very good and the drive was easy. The renting company explained everything very properly. And we had an amazing drive. Just follow the advice of the company. They prepared a map and pointed all the sites fro a Day trip. Don’t try to go further than what they advice or you might get stuck with high tide on the beach. Really! It happens.

You also can book a scenic flight. That must be a very nice experience. Or spend a night camping there also. Another comfortable option is to stay in the resorts. We didn’t do that because we had a camper van and we also had to stay on our budget.

Enough speaking, let’s enjoy the pics of this wild wild nature.

Forest, nature on Fraser Island, Australia by Peregrination gourmande


The sand trail, 4 wheels drive on Fraser Island, Australia, by Peregrination gourmande

Maheno Shipwreck on Fraser Island, B&W photography by Peregrination gourmande

Fraser island, queensland, Austrlia by Peregrination gourmande  Fraser Island


  • Be an adventurer for a day and rent a 4 wheels car to drive on Fraser
  • Keep your budget for this excursion because there is nothing like Fraser Island
  • Pack food and water for your day
  • Don’t feed the dingos, they can be agressive, especially when they have their puppies, and by the way, they are wild animals!
  • Be aware of the high tide: watch your time when you drive on the beach. On high tide time, you may not come back through the beach drive.
  • A camping experience can be really incredible!
  • Ferry from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach depending the kind of drive you want to do
  • Rent the car from the Island, not from the coast, it will save you lots of money on the ferry.

Budget: Family of 4 (2 adults+2 children)


4 wheels drive on the beach, Fraser Island, Australia

Beach on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

I hope you enjoyed those pics of this beautiful magical island. Now, remember this post is part of a photo circle, so pop in to see the lovely pics of my friend Sammie who is this superunner, now in Disney running 3 races in 3 days!