A few days in Townsville, Australia

A tropical stay

We had the chance to be invited by the lovely Vicki from Boiled eggs and soldiers to stay a few days in her lovely home. I have to specify that we visited Townsville, North Queensland in the hottest month of the year: february.

A quick review of our tropical adventures in Townsville, Australia by Peregrination Gourmande

So, we were lucky to stay at the Pineapple House, invited by my food blogger friend.

Look at that sunset! We enjoyed this view every evening from the deck.

Sunset on Magnetic Island from Townsville point of view by Peregrination Gourmande

Townsville, the city :

We didn’t have much time to visit around but especially beacause it was sooooo hot. The day we were prepared to visit Magnetic Island, we just quit our project because it was 40 °C. It doesn’t matter : we’ll be back in winter and I just wanted to spend more time with Vicki. We had a nice diner in a local restaurant. (But don’t think about nice gastronomy in this little city) And ice creams ! We had our trad selfies in front of the beach and went with the car on the top of the hill to have a nice view at the city by night (for just 3 minutes because mossies are really mean !!!).

 The school experience:

It was just WOW !!! This school is amazing ! Huge sports buildings, very kind teachers, ipads in the class. My big girl had the chance to discover an australian school with her friend. It was a terrific experience for her. Everyone was lovely and welcoming. Image: for a french girl to see that pool in the park of the school… it’s amazing!

The Aquarium

It was a nice climatised alternative to our day trip to Magnetic Island. There is nothing extraordinary in this aquarium compared to other cities aquarium but it’s just a very nice place to stay cool. And it’s a very educational and informative place for kids about the Reef barrier.

Clown fishes in the aquarium, Townsville, Australia by Peregrination Gourmande

Blogging Magic: real friendship

I’m so happy I started to blog. Just for this reason: I made some very nice friends. A lot of ladies with whom I share my love of good food, of photography…

We really have to thank Vicki for her invitation. It was so cool to stay at the Pineapple House (read my review on her blog and have a look at this gorgeous house).

Interior Photography: home styling mirror and blue wall by Peregrination Gourmande

Vicki moved a few months ago in Townsville. We had a lovely time sharing our passion about food, our blogging tips, our love of fashion and books. She even took me to watch her playing netball! A real immersion into the local culture!

A good recipe I’ve learnt

anzac slice by Boiled eggs and soldiers                                  anzac slice

anzac slice

Anzac slice! First time I’ve tried them. Thanks Vicki for that recipe.

anzac lemon slice and chia pudding for a healthy breakfast

Have a click on Vicki’s blog, to read more about the renovation of the Pinapple House. Since we’ve been there, there were many other friends visiting, I guess they have a very good time in the guest room!



  • Sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous time, Cathy! I’ve never been to Townsville but it looks beautiful…but also very hot!! Very exciting that you’ll be coming back in August. Would love to meet you and the family and show you around Brisbane! xx

    • North Queensland seems so gorgeous and wild. We are very excited about the camper van trip. Can’t wait to meet you! xx cathy

  • Gorgeous lady. I love the photo of the girls and we were absolutely delighted to have you to stay. We can’t wait to have the whole family soon xx

    • Thanks dear! I love this pic too. They look so pretty. We look ok too on our selfie (I mean for our age hahaha). We’ll have some extra fun this summer/winter! xx cathy

  • Oh it looks so wonderful! I’m pleased you had such a magical time. I loved your review of the « Pineapple House » on Vicki’s blog and gorgeous photos, as always x

  • How awesome to be able to stay with Vicki!

  • What a beautiful place. I do love north Queensland. And your photos of the girls is so lovely.