A little bit of Croatia

10/10 Photography Circle

It’s already time for our photography circle !

I had a great summer holidays. We’ve Travelled a lot, for the ones Who follow me on IG, you saw our beautiful trip to Sweden .

September means clustering clustering clustering here back to school, back to work. My photography goals for this year, is to work on black and white photography, to work on the arty side of the pictures and to learn how to use photoshop elements. Will I manage Those? Will try and tell you …

I wanted to share A Few pics of the end of my holidays. I Was in Croatia with the kids and some friends. My mum is from there and we Have some strong links with this country. I stop talking and share the pictures!

There Were a lot of skys, moutains and seasides.

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

There Were a lot of boats.

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

There Were a lot of old doors and beautiful old houses and churches.

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

There Was a little atttempt minimum of photography.

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

I do not know what this is, I found it very purpose Aesthetical. Somewhere, on the island of Brac.

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

There Were a lot of ice cream for the kids only, I swear!

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

And to get the perfect balance diet, There Were a lot of healthy treats.

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

There Was a lot of friendship. Those 2-have-been best friends for years.

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

And when to to to I really got mad Because of the kids I put ’em in jail !!!

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

I know it’s cheating, goal I have 2 more pictures to share. After this wonderful sunny holiday, It was time to go home …

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

Bye bye summer, bye bye holidays. A new school year is about to start and new adventures are waiting for us.

A little bit of croatia - photography circle with Peregrination Gourmande

What do you think of B & W photography? What kind of edit do you use?

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Follow up to the circle you’re back at me. Click and enjoy the beautiful pictures of the lovely Jen from piercedwonderings.com.

  • Stunning photos Cathy. My fave is the one of the 2 best friends. Just beautiful. I love your black and white photography. And Croatia is on my top 3 list of places to visit. Xx

    • Oh what are the 2 others top places? For now I’m focussing on Australian travel. I would certainly need some advice soon! xx cathy

      • Africa and India.. but not until the kids are much older. We were planning Africa trip when I fell pregnant with #1. Let us know when you need Aussie travel advice! xx

  • Beautiful. Thanks for sharing Croatia, it’s on my list to visit too. BTW I love that photo of the old door! x

    • I know, you have to go, it’s so unique. It’s quite the same landscape that some part of Corsica island or Sicilia but the architecture is different, the nature, the colors… You would love it. full of history! xx cathy

  • Diana Icasate

    AWESOME photos. I laughed a little when I saw that you managed to sneak in another of your trademark door shots. he he. How lucky that you have so many beautiful places to visit within your reach. It’s a long trek from Australia so we usually have to pack way too much in to enjoy the little details. Beautiful photos as always. Where’s the next destination?? (Australia of course!)

    • Yeah… me and the doors! haha I hope Australia has a lot of beautiful doors! Next destination is… Pragua for a few days. It s a gilrs trip with my friend. No kids, meaning shopping, fiesta and wine! haha! And of course after that Australia in february. I’m still waiting for the director of Ludmila to let us go from school… xx cathy

  • What gorgeous pictures – I love them all. You’re black and white pictures are just beautiful! I’d love to go to Croatia – aargh! So many places and so little time (and money) to go to them all! x

    • I know Sammie, it’s just not fair! We need to win the lotery! That’s also why I’m taking only the big girl in Australia! Still have to sell some precious jewells to buy the tickets haha! xx cathy

  • michelle barrington

    Croatia looked divine. My favourite shot is the second last one of your daughter with her suitcase. So sweet

    • Thanks! Yes waiting to go back home and see daddy! That’s cool and nostalgic also. That’s how we felt in the train back home! xx cathy

  • Oh I love the shot of the best friends! That’s like a postcard Cathy – you really can feel the bond they have. Gorgeous pics, I’ve always loved black & white photos x

    • Thanks Jo! B&W brings some softness, don’t you think? And some nostalgia also. xx cathy

  • I love your black and white photos Cathy. I think black and white captures detail perfectly. Croatia looks as beautiful as I’ve heard it is. I’ve never been but my husband has and we have family in the UK who visit there often. Thanks for my little virtual European holiday 🙂

    • Of course the problem is to be so far from europe. There are so many different places to see. But I’m sure Autralia is the same, a continent for a country!!! Imagine how frustrating for a european traveller! Haha. Thanks a lot. xx cathy

  • Hello beautiful! I can stare into your photos for days! Always showing me a new piece of the world. That best friend pic rocks my world! Wouldn’t we all like a pic like that of ourselves and our bestie xo

    • I love it too. They are so sweet. It reflects their relationship. Thanks a lot my dear. Will soon take you to….Pragua! Travelling on my sabatical is just so great! And Australia is on the list also of course. Hope we can meet in real! xx cathy

  • Cathy your photography skills are growing by leaps and bounds! So much beauty here; I’m blown away! I really love that best friend photo. What a gift it would be to give them each a print of it. So very special and amazing.

    • Thanks so much Jen! I’m working hard on my photography, reading books, magazines about the technical side. And…. I won the free spot in Henry and CAtherine photo course!!!! I’m so happy, Thanks for your support dear.
      Double printing is the plan yeah!!!

      xx cathy

  • Great shots – I’m glad I found your blog!
    I hope you’ll drop on by http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/09/allium-glorious.html. I host a weekly photo linkup and would love to have you join in the fun!

    • Thanks a lot. I’m now without wifi and it’s difficult to put some new posts on my blog but I will. cathy

  • You photos are great! I have always been interested in visiting Croatia. I have to say your last two photos are my favorite. They summarized travel and travel moments in an excellent way. Plus, they get you to think about the story behind them.

    • Thanks a lot dear! Sorry for my late answer, I moved and stayed without internet for weeks, hope when I’ll be back from Prague it will be ok. xx cathy

  • Really nice photos! I hope to visit Croatia some day!!!

  • My favourite pic is the rooftop with that blu, blue sky! Gorgeous! Croatia is on my list of places to go one day! xx

  • I just clicked over to your blog from Jen’s Photo Friday series. I love, love, love your photos. I am trying to learn better photography skills, but it’s so daunting. I see an image that I want to capture and I can picture in my mind exactly how it should look, but I can never manage to make it come out the way I envision. These are so inspiring.
    I’ve tried a few black and white shots, but I think my heart belongs to color. I have Photoshop Elements, but I can’t figure it out, at least beyond the basics. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

    • Omg, you are so sweet. I don’t use Photoshop yet, I have to go there and learn. For now when I use editing, which I try to keep very minimal I use picmonkey (free version). So much easier. But i know of course that i can’t have the same results as with photoshop… Tell me if you are on IG, would love to follow you and your creative process. xx cathy

  • Your photos give me wanderlust, beautiful! Visiting from Jen’s photo series at Pierced Wonderings…you have a lovely spot here!

  • I love the black and whites, they seem to capture something mystical about the subject – I can see why you want to work more with it.

    • I love B&W; always loved it. I like to try them also on IG with phone apps. I’m glad with some of the results… xx cathy

  • Just came across from Jen’s post and I am definitely sticking around, your photos are lovely! Croatia is a place I’ve always wanted to visit and it looks like you had a wonderful time while you were there. I love the black and white shots you got, and the views of the skies and the mountains are just beautiful! – Tasha

    • Thanks dear. As i’m on sabatical this year, I might make a serie of travel photography! xx cathy

      • That would be really interesting! Thank you, as well, for the lovely comments on my latest post.

  • My husband’s family is from Croatia. I traveled along the Dalmatian Coast before meeting him. I LOVED Brac and Hvar.
    Such gorgeous shots!!!

    • Ok Shannon, we are meant to meet each other!!!! That’s amazing. Where is your in law family from? Hvar is my fav! xx cathy

      • One day our paths will cross! His family are from Zadar. Where is your mum’s family from? (I ate the most delicious squid risotto in Hvar… still one of my most memorable meals!!) xxxxx

  • Kezzie

    These are utterly gorgeous!!! I loved Croatia when I went there!


    Kezzie AG

  • Your photos are just divine Cathy! So beautiful. And I have fond memories of travelling along the Dalmatian Coast through Split and Dubrovnik. You’ll love Photoshop Elements.

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    I love the black and white photos….gorgeous!!!

  • Such beautiful pictures – the one of the two girls is my favourite! Now I’m going to have to add Croatia to my Places To Go list! You’re such a talented photographer, Cathy! I can’t wait to see your pictures of Australia! xx

  • great photos!