A week end in Marseille

2016 January 10/10 photography circle.

Last week we’ve spent a couple of days in Marseille in South of France.


Ready for a new travel through my pics my friends? Let’s go! Let me show you Marseille as I liked her and as I saw her. People usually fall in love or totally hate this city. I let you imagine what she did to me… For the ones who want more of Marseille love, please have a check on my Instragam account.

rue marseille

This one is a no filter one, I specify this because of the strange light and colors. We might think it’s even in B&W…

street art

Street art lovers, Marseille is a paradise!!!

marseille vieille charité

La vieille Charité, is a beautiful old building full of history.

vieille charité

Marseille has a lot to offer for architectural lovers too. Modern and old buildings are together. There are a lot of interesting things to visit. Here is the Mucem in first row.


The Mucem is a photographer paradise. A playground for instagramers!


We stayed in that amazing hotel. View from the one of the terrasse on Notre Dame de la Garde.

We can see le vieux port on this picture where was installed the wheel of course!!!

I loved how it played with shadows on the buildings.

marseille roue

I love this last pic because the little car is so funny with all the lines of architectures and the big dock buildings on the back.

Have you enjoyed my Marseille little pic journey? Does it make you want to see more? You can jump on my instagram where I spam a lot of them and I hope I make you want to visit Marseille with your own eyes.

As you may know this is a photography circle, please go and see the nice pics of my friend Sammie, she is delicious, she makes good food she is the thermomix queen and a very beautiful soul. Can’t wait to see her pics!



  • Hey you! It seems that Marseille has changed a lot in those 3 or 4 past years. A lot of work has been done and the city can have another image now. There were a lot of tourists!!!! xx cathy

  • Diana Icasate

    Love love love. You make me dream of travelling every time I see your beautiful captures. Great collection. The last one was my favourite. Xoxo

  • merilyn

    thankyou cathy! i’m loving your photos of your trip! … as i love france!
    i especially love your olive tree capture! … so Mediterranean!
    i’m now exploring your blog! … and i’m liking what I see!
    I found you via the annoyed thyroid … sammie’s blog
    love m:)X

    • Oh hi!!! Thanks for your comment! Sammie is such a good friend. Are you blogging too? Where are you from? xx cathy

  • I always feel like I’ve just been travelling myself looking at your gorgeous pics Cathy. What a photographer’s delight Marseille is!!! The last one is so cute. That would make a wonderful enlarged photo on the wall xx

  • WOW. I feel like I’ve been there. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos. Love the cute little yellow car. And the shadows from the wheel. Gorgeous. x

    • Thanks dear! I really enjoyed to discover this city! Can’t wait for my next travel… only 3 weeks! xx cathy

  • Yes… it totally makes me want to see more! Gorgeous pics as always. And that last one is my fave too. You have an amazing eye my friend! Xx

    • Thanks lovely! you make me blush! 😉 I’ll try to make some nice ones during our big cookies parties! xx cathy

  • I’ve never been to Marseille but looking at your pictures makes me wish I had! I love the last one too but I love the wheel and the way it makes the shadows. You have such a good « eye »! Now I’m off to Instagram to check out more of Marseille!

  • As always Cathy – when I see your pictures, I am so incredibly jealous of your travels…and of your eye. You see things that the rest of us miss and make us wish that we could travel along with you. Such beautiful images!

    • Thanks a lot. That’s my year of travel! I will try to be more active on your friday link yp with my 366days photo B&W challenge. xx cathy

      • Oh, I can’t wait! and I can’t wait to see your Australia photos! Enjoy your time with all the Cookies!

  • Loved seeing these piccies, Cathy (and on IG, too – it’s my new paradise!). I’ve never beeen to Marseille but really want to, as I’ve heard a lot about it from various people. Hopefully I’ll get there one day, maybe when I (finally!) get to meet the in-laws in France one day. Oh and by the way, it’s interesting that La Vieille Charité looks strikingly similar to central court of the university I went to (built 1909) – for a moment I actually thought I was seeing my uni! I love those arches, it’s such a beautiful, timeless design. Thanks for sharing these. Bisou, lovely lady x

    • Oh!!!! So interesting! Please come to France!!! Such a pity that we can’t meet in Australia! bisous cathy

      • Yes I will need to!! Agreed, a big shame indeed 🙁 🙁 I hope you have a fantastic trip though, and can’t wait to see all your photos! Bises x

  • Fantastic photos as always Cathy. I visited Marseille about eight years ago and really liked it. It felt so different to other parts of France and I remember having a lovely seafood lunch down by the harbour. You’ve captured that wam Mediterranean feel so well 🙂

    • Thank you my dear! It changed a lot in 8 years! They got some support when Marseille was elected the capital of Mediterranean! And they rebuilt a lot. That’s wonderful. xx cathy

  • I always want to see more of your photos! Thanks for sharing your trip. I love the unexpectedness(is that a word) of that last photo! x

    • haha! yes unexpectedness! right! Thanks my dear. can’t wait to shoot together! xx cathy

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    Oh I love France….so much awesome-ness!!

  • Wow I love your photography and my favorite photo is the one of the little yellow car! Pinning it because its so cute! I have never been to France and I would love to visit Marseille some day.

  • Who could possibly not love Marseille??? I love your photos Cathy – can’t wait to see what you take while you’re in Australia! xx