Arts in Melbourne

What cought my eye?

10/10 Photography Circle March 2016: Arts inspiring photography

Melbourne… Wow! Such an arty city! And we didn’t visit all the museums, the galleries, the street sculpture, the street art spots…

I felt arts present everywhere. I know we are not all touched by the same piece of art. We all have our own sensitivity. I chose to present you on this 10/10 the places that touched me. I love bright colors, I also love B&N editing.

I just wanted to add that I only took 1259 pics over the month travelling (well there were some pics delated but not that much…)! It’s only 40 pics a day… Haha!

When you think « arts in Melbourne », a lot of people will think about streetart. The famous Hosier lane is full of street art and graffitis. It’s also very touristic. Let’s start with street art.

Arts in Melbourne - Hosier lane melbourne street art by Peregrinationgourmande

Yes yes, she’s carrying a lot of shopping bags I know! This is not a sponsorized portrait for T2! I swear!

I told you I would show you what cought my eye… speaking about eyes…

Arts in Melbroune - street art hosier lane melbourne by Peregrinationgourmande

Arts in Melbourne - Street arts of Melbourne by Peregrinationgourmande

Even the bins are part of the murals like chameleons.

We were lucky to be there for White Night and enjoyed the open free museums, the music, the light arts on the building walls.

We got inspired and played.

Arts in Melbourne - white night melbourne 2016 by Peregrination Gourmande

Arts in Melbourne - white night 2016 melbourne by Peregrination Gourmande

This last picture really doesn’t do justice to this installation. It was a video (you can guess the cars are moving) retracing the history of Melbourne. There was music playing also. It was the best installation we saw that night!

When we gor freezed by the cold weather, we went into museums! So nice to have the museums open in the night.

Arts in Melbourne Melbourne Gallery

We were also very lucky to be able to see Warhol/Weiwei international exhibition.

I missed Warhol exhibition in Paris so I was happy to see this 2 artists exhibition. It was totally kids friendly, it was fun and very inspiring for photographers!

Arts in Melbourne - Warhol Weiwei exhibition in Melbourne, NGV by Peregrinationgourmande

Arts in Melbourne - Exhibition in the hall of the NGV Melbourne

Art is everywhere! I told you! The street just wait for you to notice it. We loved those cold trees. Hopefully, some people were kind enough to knit them colorful scarves. Landart trees!

Arts in Melbourne - Melbourne trees covered with knitted wool

The last place but not the least, I fell in love with the library. It’s an architectural pice of art, right?

Arts in Melbourne - Library melbourne

This is all for now. I’ll be back with more pics very soon.

As this is a photography circle, follow the circle around and jump to Ellen ‘s pictures. She lives in a very quiet city full of nature and I’m sure she’ll share nice pics about it.

Enjoy the photography!


  • Stunning pics! I knew you would love Melbourne. My fave is your big girl with the yarn bombed tree. Love it! Xx

  • You’ve captured the essence of Melbourne beautifully and with a beautiful little model too! Those tree scarves are the cutest!

    • Aren’t they? I love this yarn landart!!! We have some in summer here also. Thank you my friend. xx cathy

  • @dianaphotographyaustralia

    A gorgeous set of postcards from Melbourne with a beautiful model. Love them all.

    • Thanks lovely! My model is doing a good job! Let’s see how the mini model will do! xx cathy

  • Fabulous photos! It looks like you had a blast in Melbourne. I would love to see the Warhol/WeiWei exhibition! xx

    • You should go to the exhibition! It’s excellent. I even made some little video of the balloons. After Melbourne it goes to Pittsburg I think, so hurry! xx cathy

  • I love, love, love Melbourne! The street art, the cheap coffee, amazing lanes & eateries! Everyone wears black…… Your pics are gorgeous, I’m envious, I will have to go to the library next time! xx

    • Everyone wears black… like in Paris!!! Haha! The library is one of my fav from Melbourne as the QVB is in Syd. I love architecture! xx cathy

  • LydiaCLee

    I love your pic with the eye and then the other eye in the background. Nice….andthe wheels.

  • I love street art – it’s a huge interest of mine – and Melbourne is a great place to discover some interesting works. Love your photography

    • Oh thanks dear. I love street art too. I loved it in Australia, I loved it in London (Banksy is one of my fav), I loved Berlin too. What spots have you enjoyed so far? xx cathy

  • I love all the street art in Melbourne! I wish we had more of this in my neighbourhood in Sydney!

  • Lozzie@MessyRainbows

    Oh I love these photos. I’d love to get to Melbourne to search out some of the cool street art walls & how cool is the knitted tree! Love it

  • What an incredible place! You’ve captured it all beautifully! I love that last photo of your daughter.

  • Ahhh, I’ve missed this article about Art!!
    Thanks for sharing these great inspiring arty pictures Cathy! My favorites ones are the video installation and… ah no, I can’t choose!