Mother and Daughter Journey Part 2

Have you ever experienced culture shock? The first time I’ve heard about it was during my first trip alone in the US. I was 19 and went for summer school in Florida. The teacher was talking about it and I had a friend who was really homesick. I’ve never experienced it myself. Even in the most different places where I’ve travelled like the Sahara for exemple.

I wanted to share about this because we really feel at ease in Sydney. Of course there is no problem with langage and I have amazing friends helping us around the city. But I’m sure even without them, I would feel very well in this city.


Playing writing in the sand at Balmoral Beach with Sam

I must have some gipsy blood as I can feel at home almost everywhere I go. I might live as a nomade and be ok with that. But I’m a slow nomade and I like to take my time in places I visit. That’s why I chose to spend 2 weeks in Sydney. I wanted to get the best of the city and have time to enjoy gathering with my blogger mates.

So, sorrybutnotsorry, no culture shock for us. Even for the big girl who is slowly trying to express a few english words.


Really? Culture shock? Petting a koala? haha!

What makes our life easier?

  • The transport system is easy, especially with the Opal app, I really advice to my tourists readers to load that app.
  • The people are really friendly, if you need help, they will assist you.
  • Take an australian simcard with datas. Don’t forget that Google is always your best friend, and Google map is our street walking friend.

Oh yeah… the only shock I had is the jetlag. It took me a week but now I’m good. The hot and humid climate may cause some trouble for some people. Really, that’s all!

What did I find surprising or amazing or funny?

  • You can wear flip flops all the time even in the subway because yeah it’s ok, we live at the beach!That’s so cool! Well, I never wear flip flops because I have flat feet (yeah I’ve told you that private secret arrhhhh) but that’s so cool to see!
  • People are so well behaved compared to parisians! They queue in line to wait the bus! Amazing!!! And there is no rush or pushing even on the pick hours.

image1(1) - copie

  • Even when you walk, you’d better be on the left side! This is very well organised.
  • The animals are from a prehistorical time, well some of them at least! We saw some strange reptiles, very strange. They are what I call the dinosaurs of our journey.
  • The food especially fruits and veggie is very good. As we don’t grow avocados or mangos, we enjoy very much the good fruits.


Fruit corner decoration at the Boat house restaurant in Balmoral (review on restaurants very soon)

  • The shops close very early, around 6pm but are opened everyday.
  • The restaurants also close very early (to parisian standards), people here prefer to meet for breakfast or coffee than diner. Diner is usually at 6 pm. That suits my metabolism perfectly but that can surprise some tourists. I’m sure there is a very rich night life but I won’t be able to tell you about it.

I’ll be back asap to share with you more pics, beaches review, restaurant review and especially my friends meeting in real life story! A lot to write!!!

What about you? Have you ever experienced culture shock while travelling?



  • I love hearing how much you’re enjoying my hometown! It’s beautiful to see it through someone else’s eyes. Enjoy your stay.

  • I’ve loved exploring my city with you and seeing it through your eyes. I’m so glad you’re loving it because that means you’ll have to come back, right? Right?!

  • Your first impressions remind me of just how incredible our country is. So glad you are finding it easy to get around. Makes it all the more enjoyable xx

    • yes I know. I love to travel in countries where I can speak the langage. It’s much more easier. Yes your country is so incredible and I only saw just a little part. Just one thing to add… they really should stop the plastic bags in the shops! You know your beautiful environnment and all that stuff! xx cathy

  • OMG You are here!!! How long are you here for hun? xx

  • So glad you two are enjoying Australia! I’ve never been to Sydney myself, but it definitely looks gorgeous, especially when you have the lovely Sammie there to show you around. Can’t wait to read the next part of your journey and see more photos of what you’ve been up to. Bisous! xx

  • I love that you are having a great time in Sydney it really is a magical city (I miss it) and it’s so nice to hear about it through a newcomers eyes. x

    • I’m sure you miss it! I’m really curious to hear how you adjust to a different climat and smaller city. But hopefully the domestic flights are there! xx cathy

  • We love our flip flops Cathy, remember, they are called « thongs »!!! I might need to collab on a French/Aussie fashion post I think!! And I love that you think we are patient standing in line!!! X

    • Oh!!! We use the same word in french  » les tongues »! We must have stolen it from you! Yes we have to do that! So much difference between french and aussie style!!! xx cathy

  • I love that you loved our city. Meeting up with local friends really is the best way to see the ‘real’ side – we are so lucky to call Sydney home.x

    • Really, it’s the best part ever! Discover a city or country with the help of local friends is so much more interesting and exciting! xx cathy

  • It looks like you are having the most fabulous time!!! I love that you have been trying out the delicious fruit! xxx