Beirut through my eye

Remember I’ve told we’ll be back to Beirut here? Well, I really want to show you some more pics.

10/10 Photography Circle February 2017 edition

I’ve joined recently a photographer group in my home city. We meet once a month and take some pics together or work on some projects. One of the exercise that we do together is the selection of pics serie: choosing a serie that shows coherence and an artistic commitment for a subject. Guess what? Very hard exercise! Even harder with those from Beirut trip. As I’ve told you here, Beirut is not a very walkable city. And the architecture makes it difficult to have wide angles.

With my group of photographer friends, we tried to find some consistency and create a serie of 12 pics.

Here are 9 pics. My subject sould be « An eye on a country of contrast ». The eye of the photographer, the lense of the camera (a small one to try to be invisible) and lots of pics taken from the car because well, we were tourists in a car in Beirut!

Let me know what you think of my selection. Not very consistent in my opinion but I like them all.

Beirut photography



Might be some chaos here or there, but as we know… if we want to see it, there is always some light some where…

Remember dear readers, this post is part of a photograph circle. So jump on the next post. That would be Jen, a friend from the US, she has always amazing landscape pics.

Enjoy and see you next month with more pics (next destination… very sunny, very hot, very blue…)

  • I love these captures and seeing Beirut through your eyes. I especially like the car shot – so clever! I wonder where you’ll go for your next adventure!

  • Looks like an interesting place.

  • Natacha

    Merci pour ton partage. C’est beau et touchant. J’aime ton approche. Pour la cohérence? (expérience de freelance et études d’arts plastiques 😉 ) à deux trois détails près…
    1. Ecriture du titre sur la 1ere photo (petit rectangle noir, écriture blanche plus fine ou typo comme une de celle sur les autres photos)
    2. Déplacer les escalier avec yeux de chats en dernière photo (ça fait une boucle avec le dessin de voiture de la 1ere)
    3. Enlever la photo avec les femmes. C’est la seule qui est ‘posée là’ avec un instant T et sans ouverture (perspective, ciel…) Elle colle donc moins. Toutes les autres semble sorties d’un rêve éveillée et offrent une échappée imaginaire…
    Voilà! Bises

  • This looks amazing! I love the hash tag photo. Very intrigued as to where you will show us next too! xx

  • Cathy! As always I am jealous – you go to the most amazing places! I love it! And I love the different perspective for you…which as always, leads to some stunning photos. I think the last two photos are my favorites. Thanks for taking me around the world with you!