Beirut through my lens

Photography circle: january 2017 edition

My next destination of adventure was supposed to stay secret and my friends were supposed to guess it looking at the pictures. But my friends are also supposed to follow me on IG and they have seen that I’ve spent a few days in Beirut, Lebanon for Christmas holidays.

Since I’m back working full time, I haven’t found any spare time to select some pics and print them and edit them and show them to my friends.

So here I am, trying to show Beirut from a tender eye. Beirut is a complex city, in a complex country for the basic tourist that I am. Traffic is horrible, you may spend hours in a car to cross the city that is not so big. As you may know, I love to walk when I travel and I was quite frustrated to not be able to work more. With hubby we had twice the chance to have a walk in the city.

Let me share with you some raw pics, no real selection, just my eye on this incredible city and this country. I’ll be back to share more of my impressions.

Beirut has some good spots for street art lovers. Just make a little research before to find them easily.

The place to jog: the Corniche.

I’ll be back with a photography study of the architecture of the city. Beirut is full of treasure for architectural pictures passionates. Lots of buildings under construction and lots of old buildings still not rebuilt but hurry because soon they will all be rebuilt!

We went for a day out in Saïda where we’ve visited the soap factory and the old citadel. The third kid is not mine, no! She is the daughter of my friend whom kindly invited us.

The soap factory in Saida was quite interesting. and such a beautiful old building in the very old city.

Back to Beirut… Just a funny composition… isn’t it?

Following the streets in Armenian part of the city…

And just because Lebanon is not Lebanon without its yummy food and also because well I’m still a food blogger, Please readers and friends… could you kick my ass to make me post some food posts again?

And because it was Christmas… Who doesn’t like a few little lights in the night?

I promise I’ll find the time to be back here and give you some tips to travel to this amazing country.

I hope you enjoyed and now please have a look at my friends Jen pictures!



  • I’ve loved following along your adventures on Instagram and I can’t wait to hear about and see more of your trip, it looks ace! And yes please to some more recipes, I so miss your food posts! x

  • Thank you for sharing these Cathy. I’ve never considered Lebanon as a travel destination. So much of the world I haven’t seen yet. Now I know what to look forward to. You’ve opened my eyes yet again. x

  • I would love to go to Beirut. I studied Middle East politics at University and my final thesis was on Lebanon. Such a sad story of what happened to that beautiful country. Your photos give me hope that it may be beautiful once again.

  • Post some Lebanese food posts so that I can drool over them! Hehe, consider your ass kicked.

  • So amazing, glad you shared the raw pics. Love that last one especially! xx

  • STUNNING!! You are so freakin amazing at photography!! I would run in Corniche with that pretty view too. Perhaps you should be a travel agent too? You’re pictures have me sold! Lol! Hope you and yours are well lovely xx

  • Oh my goodness! What a wonderful trip and such lovely photos. I’m so jealous of you, friend. Thank you for sharing with us this month!

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