Bern City Transports Pictures

10/10 Photography Circle – April 2016 edition

As you may have already read here or there, we have friends in Swizerland. We visit them very regularly. They live in this charming city in german part of the country: Bern.

Berner (people from Bern) are very sporty people. They walk, run, ride, and take the tram. We had a walk around the train station « Bahnhof ». And took some pics of the transports.

Bern train station picture in B&W by Peregrination Gourmande

Have you ever played taking picture of ghosts?

Train station Bern in B&W by Peregrination Gourmande

What do you prefer? B&W or color tram?

Tramway picture from Bern by Peregrination Gourmande

b&W tram picture in Bern, by Peregrination Gourmande

If you missed the last tram to go back home, and you are the only dynosaure on this earth you could call from the public phone  and your friend to come and pick you up.

Public phone in Bern, by Peregrination Gourmande

Lunch Break, nap time in the middle of the spring first flowers.

Flowers and lunch break nap, Bern by Peregrination Gourmande

Walking is just the best way to get to know the city!

Pedestrian path Bern by Peregrination Gourmande

Or be a real Berner and ride a bike. And this pic is just a very little portion of the raw of thousands of bikes.

Bikes in a raw in front of the train station of Bern, by Peregrination Gourmande

Bern is a very friendly bike city but be aware of the hills. An electrical bike is a good option.

Bike on a pedestrian path in Bern by Peregrination Gourmande

Last one is dedicated to Steph’s older son. He has a passion for transports! Look at this BernMobil (no not a Bat Mobil!)

Vintage tram in Bern by Peregrination Gourmande

Enjoy the circle and jump to see my friends pictures Jen from Pierced Wonderings. She runs a very nice Friday photo link up and always have very interesting pics from where she lives. I’m secretly planning to visit her some day… but don’t tell her 😉


  • Mum Of Five Girls

    Oh Cathy I absolutely love these photos! I love both tram pics…maybe the red one just wins!! And I adore that pic with the bike wheel. Clever lady!

    • Did you notice B is inside the bike wheel ? I love this 10/10 , It forces me to improve myself. xx cathy

  • Only you can make pictures of transport look so cool. I love the black and white tram! Xx

  • Awesome pics – train and tram spotting at it’s best! Love the black and white shots! And yes, I’d love to visit Jen one day too!

    • We might have a private group trip to the US! thanks my friend, I love trains too… I’m like little boys 😉

  • I love your black and white shots. So crisp and clear. We should visit Jen together. 😉 Love your photos of Bern. (and I never knew they are called Berners)

    • Yes my dear, we should! And we have to meet in july when I’ll be back in Syd ! xx cathy

  • Great pics! Looks like you had a great time and soaked up all the atmosphere and sights. 🙂

    • Thanks lovely! Well I always feel I don’t have enough time… but that’s ok because I know we’ll be back. xx cathy

  • Oh love these! I will have to share with the Little Man!xx

    • Of course you have to. Tell him I wait long for the tram to arrive to take those pics! 😉
      xx cathy

      • He loved it and says THANK YOU. He wanted to know more details about the trams!!!

  • Nicy pics, as always 🙂 Love the black and white pics of the transports. They indicate that there is an exhibition in the train station?!



    • Thank you dear! Where did you see that there is an exhibition? I can’t see that! xx cathy

      • second picture, on the top left!

      • c’est le quartier de l’uni alors ils ont sûrement des choses intéressantes. Mais on a pas vu. Musée sympa de Paul Klee par contre. Avec ateliers enfants très chouettes (en suisse allemand 😉

  • I can’t wait for you to come visit! Yay!! 😉

    I love black and white photos, although I don’t really take many black and white photos. I tend to be drawn to color – I love that red train. But that photo of the nap on the hill is absolutely beautiful!

    • Well the nap pic is one of my fav. It’s very poetic I think. I wanted to zoom on her but I still wanted to surround her with flowers…
      You should try some B&W in some occasions. Just to see… xx cathy

  • Gorgeous Cathy! The Black and Whites are always my favourites 🙂 but I just adore the nap on the hill – looks rather inviting xx