Blogging Magic

What I love about blogging…

When I start this blog I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I knew I had to share about my baking, cooking, travelling passion. I also wanted to improve my photo skills and this blog is the best thing I made to kick my ass to go back to this old old passion; photography. I remember as a teenager, taking a lot of pics with an old pentax camera reflex. That time, you just had to think a lot about your picture because the film roll!!!!

This blogging adventure is so much more that sharing my hobbies with you guys. It’s also about meeting on line some great people. I now have a lot of blogger friends around the world, just thanks to that blogging adventure. The non bloggers might object that it’s not real relationship, not real friendship as we never meet in real. Well… I wouldn’t agree! I feel very well connected to some of my blogger friends or instagram friends because we have something in common: just the need to find a nice and lovely peaceful space in this world. And if that place is there… let’s go!!!! Let’s even go more!!!!

Big Annoucement!!!!


It’s for real!!! I’m going to meet for real, in real flesh lives my australian blogger friends!

I’ve always dreamt about an australian trip, btw, it should have been my honeymoon travel but I was already pregnant with big daughter and after she got sick and all that stuff that you already know… So the dream is becoming true and I’m taking my big girl on this journey. It will be a mother/daughter journey. A life experience for both of us. She just turned 10 and this trip is full of sense for her and for our relationship.

Stay tuned, I ll keep you posted on this wonderful travel and surely amazing human experience.

What do you think my dear readders? Do you believe in that kind of friendship?