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Sydney’s Bakery Class for my Clever Cookies Bloggers Friends

Blogging Magic part 2

International Blogosphere

Do you remember this ? I wrote about the best part of blogging: making friends around the world ! The even better part than the best part is to meet the friends from all around the world. We organised a french bakery class in Sydney . I met all those lovely ladies through our Clever Cookie Blogging Class organised by Chantelle and Rowe . They were the best teachers and the community of bloggers around them is lovely.

Steph was so kind and invited us all to use her great modern and bright kitchen. If you do not know her, have a look at her blog. She’s part of my photography circle 10/10. She’s a very generous and funny lady. Look at her pretty smile! You want her to be your friend!


Who was there?

You will not believe it! We did not … We forgot to take a group picture during the class bakery !!!! What a shame! This is not the entire group but … well …. sorry!

From the left:

Diana , she’s a talented photographer, she’s very sweet and she is the mum of my big girl’s pen pal.

You know Steph already.

Ellen took the plane and travelled from Ballarat to see us all. She gives great tips on her blog to see life from a positive side. And look at that classy dress !!! I love her style!

Shannon has  such an interested job and her blog is just lovely. She came with her ​​sweet daughter so all the kids played while mums were baking (and drinking)!

And finally Sam , Who does not know this gorgeous lady? She was my guide when i arrived at the airport and she is my official English teacher. (As Steph is my australian slang teacher! Haha).

We really had fun.

blogger friends

During our baking (and drinking) afternoon, there were more of Clever Cookies!

Kirralee , as a travel blogger, was a precious guide to get some tips about traveling with a kid. And we are both Birkies lovers!

Stay tuned because we are preparing a surprise and a new serie with this inspiring arty lady, Shannon . We share a passion for picture books and illustrations.

Gabbi  is another charming lady. She is very kind and helped me in the baking process!

bakeryclass7Veronica is also part of my 10/10 photography circle. She and her five girls kindly took us to see an animal park. It was a great day and we loved hanging out with all the girls. (Post about it coming, I promise)

What have we baked?

It was such a hot day, the baking was difficult. But we did it!

We started with Nougat .

Nougat bakery making in class by Peregrinationgourmande

Steph’s showing off her Jamberry nails AND spreading the nougat.

Nougat cutting in the bakery by class gourmet peregrination

Me cutting the nougat (a bit sticky due to the temperature).

Then, we made ​​Gougères . I had Gabbi to help me here for the final touch.


What have we drunk?

Ellen tasting the cocktail like a pro!

I tried to make them taste a french cocktail: soupe Angevine / framboisine. I had to do with the local ingredients. Here is the recipe.

Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: French
Prep time: 
Total time: 
A very tasty and fruity cocktails based on champagne
  • For 15 glasses
  • 2 bottles of champagne (or sparkling wine)
  • 1 and ½ cup of Cointreau
  • 60cl of cordial (elderflower if possible)
  • juice of 5 lemons
  • Frozen raspberry or mix of berries
  • basil or mint (optional)
  1. Put all the ingredients except the champagne in a jar or a bowl.
  2. Let infuse the ingredients for 2 hours.
  3. Add the champagne and serve right away.



We had a very good time all together. It was more a party than a formal class bakery. And I Was totally spoiled by my blogger friends with a full bag of goodies! Even the kids had some presents.

Those ladies rock! They are all very talented and inspiring.

Now my dear readers and bloggers friends, just click on this link to subscribe to the blog and get the frenchy recipes postcards, recipes that we made during our Sydney’s bakery blogger class!



  • Oh I love this post so much. What a fabulous day it was! I still cannot believe we forgot to get a group photo! Thanks for the cocktail recipe… it was so so good and so refreshing on that humid day! Xx

    • It was a lovely day! We’ll have to do that again! With other recipes! And more cocktails! xx cathy

  • It was such a wonderful day – so much fun and so much deliciousness! I still can’t believe we didn’t get a group photo! Next time – because there will be a next time, right?!

    • Of course next time!!! Next time is soon! You’ll come at Maroubra? What should we invent this time for a party? A croatian / russian buffet? xx cathy ps AND a serie of photos of the group!!!

  • THIS IS SO AWESOME!! I love being a fly on the wall at this epic catch up 🙂 Oi – next time invite me ok!! Great photography too by the way. You’re amazing xoxox

    • Oh Jen we’ve missed you! You should have come with Diana! Such a shame… Next time! I promise. xx cathy

  • Sarah @sarahdipityblog

    How awesome! Lots of familiar faces from the blogging world there, a wonderful bunch of ladies.

  • This looks like so much fun!! I love the blogging world even more when I see the connections made

    • That’s exactly what I try to explain to my non blogger friends… They don’t understand! xx cathy

  • Sounds like such a fun day! I love checking out these pics into the day.

    • It was Karin! So frustrating that all the cookies weren’t there! But they would not have fit in Steph’s house haha! xx cathy

  • It was such a great day! I’m most proud to be your « hand model » for the cocktail. Can you come back soon so I can have another one of those delicious cocktails? Merci xxxx

    • Your hand is gorgeous! haha! Yes I will come back and make you another cocktail. Yeah! We ‘ll have to make a plan, time is flying. xx cathy

  • Oh I am so behind on my blog reading!! It was such a lovely afternoon! Can’t wait to do it again!xx

  • OMG, this is what happens when I don’t read people’s blogs for a while. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WERE IN SYDNEY. I would love to have met you, Cathy. So bummed out (but I am very happy that you had such a wonderful time in Australia with your daughter). Next time. x