Canadian Travel: Vancouver Island

Family trip in Canada part 3

Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Last part of our canadian travel. For the previous episodes click here and there.

After the Rockies and Vancouver city, we took the ferry to Vancouver Island.

This part of our big travel in Canada was my favorite part. If you are in Vancouver for a few days or weeks you have to go there. It’s wonderful.  We lived like robinson crusoe (almost), slept in a yourt on the beach, went to observe wild life and visited the wild forest.


As you may now noticed, we prefer to stay in the same place and discover the surroundings. We are not into road trips that much. Everyday changing places and so on? We will do that surely later, when the kids are older. So we decided to go to the end of the world. After Tofino it’s only the ocean until the other side of the earth! TOFINO! Yes, it’s THE paradise!

The ferry trip is fast and not expensive. We had to drive a few hours to arrive at our campground but we stopped first in MacMillan Provincial Park where we saw those giant Douglas trees. Cathedral grove makes you feel like you are a dwarf in fantasy land! They are so old and giant. This nature is very well preserved and only a few trees can be seen. Paths are made to let people have a small walk but you can’t go into the forest by yourself.

cathedral grove

We finally arrive in that little piece of paradise. Wya point campground! We decided to stay for 4 nights in Ucluelet because Tofino is more expensive and very full in august. This campground is incredible and totally kids friendly. Of course beware of bears, wildlife and the ocean. But hot water in clean showers is available,  bbq and fire place  also: the perfect snack friends on the beach.


The yourts are very well equiped with beds, a gaz light and heater if needed. The team (they are a family of natives) of the campground respects the environnement. They are ecological friendly. If you are not into the yourt option, there are some cottages and simple tents places.

wyapoint campground

What about activities with your kids in TOFINO?

Except playing Robinsons, we had several excursions. Little gingerboy was too young (he was 2 and half) to particpate so we had to split the group. Big girl went for a canoe tour with her father and lucky her, went for bear watching with her mother!!!

canoe vancouver island

A lot of agencies propose the same tours. We chose this one. It was really serious and the prices were ok. Our guides were nice people, friendly and knew very well their job. If we had more money we would have gone to see the whales also. and husband would have loved to have a tour with the hydroplane. But as on a big family travel we had to make choices!

bear watching tofino

Look at the mummy bear and the little one. Well, even the little one can move really heavy rocks with no effort to look for yummy crabs and fishes. We saw many bears on our tour. And also other animals. That was an amazing day.


Of course beaches! There are amazing wild beaches. Some are for surfers, others are really quiet. We were just next to Pacific Rim National park. Long beach is the famous one and the stunning one. We didn’t hike there, just rested there. Well we’ll be back to do that also when the kids are older! They just wanted to play on the beach! But look! Of course they want to go there!!!!

long beach tofino

beach vancouver island

tofino beach

Gingerboy on a desert island! I love this picture!


Of course we were kind of lazy to cook and went to eat in restaurants. Unfortunatly, I wasn’t a blogger at that time and didn’t take pictures of the amazing places. So I’ll give you the names and websites where we had the most amazing food and all those were kids friendly of course!

Burgers on the road just before entering Tofino. To eat outside on the benches or to take away. Best burgers ever! They also serve breakfasts but we didn’t try them!

Common Loaf bake shop: we went there twice. Once I had gingerboy make his worst crisis of the travel! Of course I was alone with him and nice people kept trying to help me but he was out of control! But the snacks and cakes of this coffee shop made our life easier and I was less miserable! Thanks for that!

And finally the fancy one: SoBo. This is where I had the best Key lime pie of my life. The food is fresh and simple. They have space for kids. They are nice. Perfect place! And they tell about the story of their business. I love that! These people realized their dream. Started in a food truck and now have a nice bright restaurant! Bravo!

Finally we had to leave from our paradise just promising ourselves we will be back.


The ferry took us back to Vancouver and we had a great view on the mountains.

vancouver island ferry

I hope you enjoyed my little canadian travel serie. We are now preparing ourselves for our next adventure: Sweden. It’s really closer but I’m sure it will be great also!

Enjoy travelling my dear friends!




  • Oh pick me pick me! I want to go play Robinson Crusoe and stay in a yourt! Pleeeease! Looks like such an amazing thing to do, just another reason to add to my long list of why I want to go to Canada!
    Thanks for joining in #wednesdaywanderlust

    • Hey dear! You know! We plan to go back there one day and we want to stay only on vancouver island! It’s so beautiful and wild! xx

  • Looks awesome Cathy. I so would like to visit Canada, and Sweden. Can’t wait to live vicariously through you!

    • Seems that Sweden will be also very green and blue. I’m sure we will love it. You will be spammed a lot on IG and the blog by all my summer holidays pictures. We have like 6 weeks of holidays! I know! It’s not fair! haha xx

  • I didn’t know Tofino, but it looks great. I would really enjoy this kind of Nature holidays 🙂 Thanks for the trip !
    Sylvaine, alias PTAK !

    • Nature holidays are the best for me to rest my constantly hyper activate mind. Give me, ocean, mountains, desert and no people! xx

  • What a beautiful holiday! I loved the casual comment of « beware of the bears », it made me laugh as I would be hiding behind a large brick wall if I knew there were bears around!!! Hope you had a wonderful family holiday. The trees were breath-taking (epoustouflant)…I remember that from high school French, I hope I got it right), and I loved the beaches, they look a lot like New Zealand beaches. xx

    • I was scared also but it seems that there are not accidents with bears but with how do you say? cougars? I think it is that animal. Really dangerous that choose to attack young human children. They told us to always walk in a group. I love the word époustouflant! you have a good memory! Ahhh New Zealand! But first, Australia! DOn’t tempt me… haha

  • How gorgeous! I’ve heard such great things about Vancouver Island and I love your pictures. I’m adding it to my ever growing list of places-to-see in Canada! I can’t wait to hear about Sweden, I went years ago and have always wanted to go back! xx

  • What a gorgeous place. I haven’t heard of Tofino. Your photo’s are lovely looks like such a happy holiday. x

    • Tofino is the smallest village at the other side of the island. I’m not sure how we manage to find it! I think our co home exchangers told us to go there. xx

  • What a marvellous adventure Cathy. Your pictures are fantastic.

  • Tofino is divine. I loved my visit there, and have been meaning to go back since – but it’s been over 10 years and I still haven’t managed it! Fingers crossed I can return soon. Beautiful pictures, you’ve captured it just as I remember.

    • Oh I hope I will be able to go back to Vancouver island without waiting too long but my destination list is quite big already haha!
      thanks to stopping by Rachel. xx cathy

  • What a stunning part of the world! The natural beauty is incredible! I would love to go there one day. Those huge trees, canoeing , the beaches. It all looks amazing. Thank you for sharing from #teamwanderlust

    • Yes you should go Kirralee, especially that it’s a great place to visit with kids. Even young kids. xx cathy