Almost Christmas 10/10 Photography Circle

Here we are, last 10/10 Photo Circle with my blogger friends of the year 2016.

For the last one, I ‘ll share with you a piece of my little town, preparing for Christmas parties. I edited those pics as vintage postcards. Just to give you a taste of old old France. ;). Today was a misty day when my daughter came at work to pick me up to go for Christmas shopping. I intended to take more pics but the mist was so strong that we couldn’t see the river anymore. So not 10 but a few of french old buildings. Enjoy.



Just a last one from the 11 birthday girl, who successfully made the fantastic Fudge of Sammie.


Remember it’s a circle, jump to check the pictures of my friend Shannon from Australia (I miss Australia !!!!! )

Enjoy the pictures and have a very Merry Christmas. See you next month to reveal our next destination!



  • Could you please send me a vintage postcard, these are wonderful.Hope your shopping trip was successful! And happy belated birthday to your big girl – kisses and hugs from us! xxoo

  • As always, beautiful pictures Cathy! They are magnificent. I couldn’t even tell that it was icky weather. I hope y’all have a very merry Christmas and happy birthday to your girl!

  • @dianaphotographyaustralia

    So beautiful Cathy. One day I will visit you and enjoy all those beautiful buildings with you in person. Lots of love to you and a Merry Christmas. Xxxxxx

  • How beautiful is that carousel! I’d love to have Christmas in the northern hemisphere. Our hot summer just isn’t conducive to cosy Christmases with eggnog and roast turkey! More like BBQ salmon and a chilled Chablis

  • Oh they are gorgeous pics, especially the carousel! And Sammie’s fudge looks divine.. great job Miss 11. Australia misses you too! Xx

  • Love the pics – magnifique! We miss you too, but I hope you all enjoyed the fudge, think of it as a taste of Australia! Joyeux Noel! xx

  • We miss you! How good is that fudge?? It looks cold and chilly- better head to Croatia for some sun 😉