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This month, I really want to share those books that make us laugh each time we read them.  They are very funny. They place the main character which is the kid in a strange role. My kids are fan of this one.

In « Les enfants sont méchants », the author shows with a lot of humour, how the behavior of the kids can be read from the adult perspective. It’s fun and it’s also interesting to make  children think in this way. We learn how much children are mean but also how much parents are confused with those strange behavior. I particularly love the design who looks very vintage.

Ok that’s my boy being asked to play a mean face! Not very successful!

picture books from france

This one is just hilarious. In « Comment élever son papa« , father and son have their roles exchanged. The son explains us how to raise a daddy. On each page the little boy explains different situation as if the book is kind of a guide. « When my daddy plays the sick to avoid going to work, I show him that I don’t believe everything he tells. Daddys are smart. » « When my Dad doesn’t want to go to bed, I must not allow him. We can’t be tyrannized by a daddy ». Sorry for the poor translation but I guess you get the point. Look at this picture, it’s very evocative!

picture books du monde review


I’ve already told about this one in this previous post. I just add it again because it’s just part of this group of books.

Those 3 books are for me a very good way to discuss with our kids about their behavior. It’s easier to do that also because we don’t talk directly about them. My fav is the one with the daddy, it’s very fun.

Do you use picture books to discuss about educative questions with your children?

Now I can’t wait to see your suggestions for this month. Please join the link up party and share the picture books du monde love.


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