Coconut Rice and Peanut Sauce Brocolis

The Quickest Side Dish Ever!

I was totally intrigued by Kim’s recipe of coconut rice. I had to try it. And I loved it! I just added a shallot that I cooked in olive oil and I cooked rice on pilaf method.

As I just can’t live without veggies, I thought that the perfect match would be brocolis with a delicious sauce based on peanut butter. I served this with smoked salmon. It was ok but I really think it could be great with my japonese style salmon (fresh salmon).  Believe me. You have to try that combination of flavor.

coconut rice So the plan for a good healthy tasty yummy meal would be a portion of rice, a portion of salmon and a portion of brocolis (yes yes important to eat your veggies!). You can fancy that up a bit using a topping! Yeah! Savory topping, isn’t that great?

Peanut butter Sauce:

1 tbs peanut butter

1 ts vinegar (i used cider vinegar)

1tbs olive oil

1 ts sesame seeds

1tbs coconut milk

Mix all the ingredients until well combined.

Enjoy the good, quick prepared and healthy food!

peanut butter sauce brocolis

  • Ooh I love this! Thanks so much for linking up. We love broccoli here and salmon and rice! Perfect. x

  • Yummy! Broccoli, salmon and rice sounds like the perfect combination, especially with that peanut sauce!

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    That looks so great! What a yummy dinner!

  • Oh my word… blushing.
    So glad you gave the coconut rice a try and didn’t you just blow it out of the water with this pairing.
    Great minds thing alike as I am literally having fish with coconut rice tonight… was going to feature on the link-up too. to funny.