Delicious Gift Homemade Nougats

Who wants to make those delicious nougats candies?

Me me me… I can hear you my foodies friends!

homemade nougat gift

Today i suggest we cook some nougat candies as a DIY food gift. I gave those to my kids teachers and they seemed to appreciate.

My friends and family became totally addict to the chocolate version.

I followed the recipe of Manuela from passionforbaking.

nougat kitchenaidhomemade nougat







As you may see it’s sticky! But hot water will help you to wash your whip. I garantee.

I just had to change a few things as always 😉

First i didn’t have some cocoa butter so didn’t use any. Then i didn’t have cranberries so i used other dried fruits.

homemade nougat

For the first batch i used dried apricot, pistaccios and almonds. For the second batch strawberries, peach and almonds (i was so desperate for some summer taste). And it was a revelation! It really matches well!



For the chocolate dipping part, try to temper the chocolate to make them bright and beautiful. It didn’t happen with mine because i couldn’t temper the chocolate properly (lost my chocolate thermometer). Then put the nougat candy gently on a rhodoid paper (some kind of plastic sheet). Let them cool at room temperature and stock them in a tupperware box. you can keep them for weeks.

nougat au chocolat

At first i thought it would take hours, but really if you follow the recipe it’s very easy. Just one more thing, it might get very hard so, you may need strong arms to cut it into tiny pieces. This will be the boring part so schhhh… don’t tell him!

I’ll just leave you with one more idea as food gift. You can put a few macarons (clic for the recipe) in a little nice bag and your friends will be happy! (You can freeze them directly in the little bags and give them straight from the freezer).

macaron gift

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Yummy! I love nougat! This looks delicious and I love that it’s the colour of Christmas. I really wish you lived nearer so I could « taste test »!

    • peregrination gourmande

      I’m sure you would be a very good taster tester! xx

  • I so want to try to make nougat now! I’m with Sammie wish you lived closer!

    • peregrination gourmande

      Ok then let’s open a french bakery in Sydney!

  • letsrockkids

    Testé et approuvé par toute la famille good job Kate

    • peregrination gourmande

      Hey hey tant mieux, je suis bien contente!