Doors Photography

I wanted to share more of my old city pictures. I chose a theme for today: doors. A lot of people love old doors, colorful doors. They are kind of aesthetical.

Please enjoy a little part of my city and a few of its old doors. This is a work on details and textures. I tried to take them as a serie. I took those pictures with a 50mm lens. In real they are huge doors so i decided to focus on details.

old door


door old city


Enjoy! Have a nice week end.

  • I love seeing pictures of your town. Imagine if these doors could talk – what tales they could tell!

    • They could tell a lot about history I imagine… about lovers, about families, about wars also i think. They are all in the oldest part of the city just next to our middle age castle. A lot of british and french history mixed. xx

  • I love the detail and texture! Great job, once again! I really like the second one!

    Thank you for sharing with us again!

    • I loved the texture when I saw them in real. The natural erosion of the paint and wood is really beautiful. xx cathy

  • I love doors. I have a thing fro doors and whenevr I visit a new city I always gravitate towards doors. Love your photographs Cathy!

    • Thanks Magda. I have the same thing with doors. And when they are ancient doors…and colorful… that’s just perfect! xx