Fabulous Frenchy Fancy Christmas Treats

Hey Foodies!

For our last FFF, i have something very special for you: some Fabulous Frenchy Fancy Christmas Treats, appetizers to be more precise.

These are very yummy and perfect for a celebration party as Christmas or New Year’s Eve. This is really an « impress your mother-in-law/lover/friends » recipe.

So let me introduce you with goat cheese macarons and petits choux filled with salmon rillette. TADAAA!

macarons petits choux

If you never did macarons try first the petits choux.

Macarons Recipe click here. (The video might also help you)

Fill them with a little piece of goat cheese. Or… wait for it… Foie gras! ha ha! this is fine also! And classy. It’s surprising because people think it’s sweet but it’s sweet and salty.

macarons petits choux

Pâte à choux

This recipe is one of the basic of french bakery. This is the one for éclairs, for religieuses, for wedding pièces montées…

I used the pâte à choux to make salted appetizers. But first the recipe!


250g water

100g butter

Salt around 5g

150g wheat

250g eggs (normaly 5 eggs)

Oven on 170°C, non ventilated heat.

Put to boil in a pan: water, salt and butter.

When boiling, stop the heat and add the wheat at a time. Keep mixing with a wooden spoon until well combine.

Now it’s time you rest tour arm and ask for your special assistant KA. Put the pâte à choux in the KA bowl.

Use the beater at slow speed (2 or 3) and beat so that the pâte is getting cooler. After that add one by one the eggs.

Fill in a piping bag and make little rounds.

With a yolk and a brush, glaze your petits choux.

Put to bake in oven for 20 minutes and please, oh please, don’t open the oven until the choux pop. If you open the oven door too early, they will crash down i swear!

Filling time!

Petits choux à la rillette de saumon

Salmon Rillette

1 piece of fresh salmon (steam it in the varoma of your thermy or in a pan)

2 slices of smoked salmon

1 greek yogurt or philadelphia cream cheese or a mix of both

1 shallot

Herbs like dill or chive as you prefer

Salt, pepper

When the fresh salmon is cooked and cold, mix alltogether in the thermy the ingredients. And that’s it! Easy part, isn’t it?

Cut the petits choux in two pieces and fill them with Salmon rillette.

choux rillette saumon

And… Voilà!

Have a gourmet Christmas and a happy new year, my dear FF foodies!







  • Magnifique! These look so delicious! I want eat-a-vision!

    • peregrinationgourmande

      Thanks Sammie. I have to send you the pictures of hedgedog sweets. I was inspired by you and made some lollypops.

  • Oh my goodness!! These look divine! The French certainly know all about good food!!

    • peregrinationgourmande

      Do we? Yes we do! I’m happy to give some ideas from here. We should work on fusion food!