First Days In Sydney

Mother And Daughter Journey Part 1

You may have read this. While I’m on sabbatical, I decided to take my big girl for a mother & daughter big trip. Why Australia? you may ask… Why not?

First, it’s an old dream of mine like really old, that I still haven’t achieve. But…  dreams are meant to become true!!!

Second, it’s just the best time of the year, as it’s summer in Australia so we can skip a month of an ugly french weather.

And last but not least, I have met so many great australian friends through the blog, through instagram also, that I really wanted to meet them in real.

This is Part 1 of our journey: First impressions on Sydney

After surviving to the long long long flight…

Stop in Dubaï Airport (amazing for architectural pictures!)

… we were so happy to see friendly faces in the crowd, waiting for us! Sam and her husband were waiting for us at Sydney’s Airport.

Of course Sam took this picture at the airport. Quite an exciting moment. 

Sam and David first made us stop to enjoy the view and to have our first Mom&Daughter Sydney pic!

Just a quick rest at Sam’s and we went for breakfast in a very nice Café: The St Malo Bakery. And the grey sky was gone, we were able to see this very green and blue city.

My first impressions on the city is about the light and colors. The light is so bright! Never seen that before anywhere else. The sun is very strong, the trees are very huge and green, and blue color is dominant with the sea and sky.

When we started walking in the streets, I was amazed to see how Sydney is wheelchair friendly! You know what does it mean? It means that Sydney is baby/pram friendly! So different from Paris! Every pavement has a friendly slope to cross the street. And is large enough of course! Might sounds strange a tourist notices that, maybe it’s because in France, we are into the disability access law implementation.

People are so friendly, so welcoming! Very helpful and patient with us. They speak very fast, but you just need to remind them that you are a poor french tourist and they would slow down.

Watsons bayWatsons Bay, view on the city center

Do you like to write down your impressions on a new city when travelling? What does it strike you first?

Stay tuned for Part 2….



  • @dianaphotographyaustralia

    Looks like Sydney has put on some beautiful weather for you. I’m so glad you are living your dream. Can’t wait to meet up with you both very soon. xoxo

  • Welcome! It’s lovely to read about Sydney from a tourist’s perspective. I hope your trip goes wonderfully well.

    • Hi dear, wanted to tell you that we ‘ve been to the MCA today, we enjoyed it very much! Thanks to the cookies community we are visiting some unusual places. (Well… that’s what the guys from the Airbnb and cafés are saying haha!) see you soon. xx Cathy

  • So excited to meet you – I think this is the start of a wonderful adventure! x

    • For sure it is! We enjoy so much the way of life here! So cool to wear flip flops everyday !!! cathy

  • I’ve been waiting to see how you’ve liked Australia so far Cathy! I’ve just been to Sydney, I live in Perth, way over on the west coast, & Sydney is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities on the planet! Enjoy & can’t wait to see what else you get up to! xx

    • I know, I would have loved to come to Perth also! Your country is soooo big! I’ll be back soon to tell about our adventures or to share some pics! xx cathy

  • I love your first impressions. So observant, even though you are so jet lagged! The sun is definitely hotter here. Even more so in Tassie and New Zealand. So glad you are having a fab time and cannot wait to see you very soon! Xx

    • Oh yeah!!! New Zealand is also on my list (you know the one before I die haha). Will have to talk about my lovely encounter with all my bloggers friends. xx cathy

  • I have been loving your IG posts, Cathy! It looks like you are having the best time! Sending you lots of love and wishing you a fantastic trip xxx

    • Oh Thanks my dear! We are having the most exciting trip!!! loving the aussie lifestyle! xx cathy

  • Welcome to my old home town. We do speak too fast don’t we? Sorry about that! The Sydney (and surrounds) weather has not been as sunshiny as it could be but I know its still warm. Enjoy! Denyse

    • Thank you! I’m loving your old home town! You do speak fast but that’s ok! The weather seems very good for us as it’s winter back home! xx

  • Kidgredients

    Welcome to Sydney! I hope you are enjoying yourselves!

    • Thanks a lot! We are enjoying ourselves very much! the beaches and the animals are stunning! xx cathy

  • Welcome to Sydney! We are indeed fortunate to live here. Sometimes, as someone who lives here, you can forget just how beautiful this city is. I’ve begun appreciating it all over again as my new workplace has views of the harbour bridge and the city. Hope the weather is good while you’re here. This summer has been rainier than others which kinda sucks

    • Thanks a lot! I know it’s the same with me in France! but really you are so lucky to live in a big nice city near the beaches. I love it!!! xx cathy

  • I am always interested to hear what new tourists think of Sydney. I was born and bred in Sydney and sometimes it is hard to see the beauty when you are stuck in the everyday – traffic, rush and busyness. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your stay in Australia. The funny thing is I wish I was in France!!

    • Oh yes, I’m also interested when people are in France and what they think about the country, the poeple… I was exactly feeling the same when I was living in Paris, now I love Paris as a tourist haha! xx cathy

  • Yay! I have been loving seeing your photos. Glad you are having a wonderful time. That is such a long flight. I can’t wait for part 2.

    • Yes it is! But really… the flight is forgotten now!!! It’s so beautiful ! and I m so happy to meet some of the cookies! xx cathy