Great Ocean Road

Straight out from the camera

And almost wordless…

So, yesterday, we took a tour on the Great Ocean Road. From Melbourne, it is a long day out. It was ok as I didn’t want to rent a car, but I’d really advice you to take your own car or rent one. Then you will be able to stop as long and as many times you’ll want. Another good point to rent your own car is that you will be able to avoid the crowd. Let me show you the proof!


Yes I know, she’s happily running on the beach! She is a beach girl!

great ocean road

apollo bay

great ocean road mist

Dramatic scenary. How do you feel about it? We were in a dream surrounded by the mist. Incredible!


And finally… Look at that funny view I took at our last stop.

Just wow! this is so beautiful and wild!

loch ard gorge

But in fact I had to struggle to take that pic because the reality is more like that:


To sum up: my point is, if you are afraid to drive or in a hurry or alone, take the bus tour. You’ll have a great moment and it’s very well organized. If you are looking for freedom, romantism and pictures without tourists… rent a car and avoid the tourist bus time. Early morning, late afternoon will be the most quiet moment.

I have a message for all the tourists travellers… please pleeeaaaase the selfie sticks and the go pros and the tripods … I understand but really pleeeaaase try to be discret just a little bit more of discretion! Thanks a lot!

What are your tips to avoid the tourists crowd?


  • Looks amazing. Great photo’s and I’m glad you managed to capture some without the tourists. It’s on my bucket list to drive the Great Ocean Rd as I’ve never done it.

    • Thank you! Oh that’s so funny how we do some things that you australian don’t or didn’t yet! Sure it would be the same if you come in France! xx cathy

  • Cathy!!! These photos are amazing!!! I would hang these on my wall they are so stunning! Love that you have the pic with the crowds & without – a great comparison to most tourist sites in the world I imagine! I have only driven the Great Ocean Road once before, my hubby & I in a campervan before we had kids, we had a ball, although it was freezing!!! xx

    • You are so kind! I hope I can make something like a small exhibition when I’ll go back. You know, you just gave a great idea of a new photo serie: with and without the tourists! I can easily do that in Paris!!! Oh another photo project for the year! thanks my dear!
      You came here during the winter? It was so hot yesterday! And humid!
      xx cathy

  • Love this – isn’t it an amazing place? I know the tourists and the tripods can spoilt the shot, but I think one big advantage of taking a tour is that everyone in your group gets to really savour the scenery, it’s really hard to take it all in when you have to keep your eyes on the road. I’ve done the Great Ocean Road a couple of times but 2 or 3 day tours; the pace is much more leisurely and you get to see a lot more less touristy spots along the way. What a fantastic day you both must have had!

    • Sure it would have been great to do it in a few days. Do you remember where you stopped for the night? I’m sure the sunset and sunrise must be amazing!!!! Well usually as i’m not the one driving, I get all the scenary haha! I bet you too! xx cathy

  • C’est incroyable! Your photos make me feel like you and L were the only people in these places. I love the exhibition idea you’ve come up with!

    • Thank you ! the thing is… I have to find a place … Maybe I’ll ask to some local photo shops. Merci merci! xx cathy

  • Oh lovely! Having your own wheels is such a plus I think.. hubby and I did the trip for our honeymoon! We stayed for sunset at the 12 apostles and was there for sunrise! So very special! Glad to see that L enjoyed it! x

  • Beautiful images,capturing the magic of the scenery.
    We did a caravan road trip of the Great Ocean Road – best holiday with friends ever.

    • Would love to make a road trip anywhere in Australia. I saw a lot of camper van on the Great ocean road. xx cathy

  • Beautiful photos – what a lovely location!
    I hope you’ll come join us at a special edition of our weekly Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) linkup here:

  • budgetjan

    I love the misty apostle views – an iconic Australian shot for sure. I’d be driving my own vehicle if I could. Arriving somewhere at the same time as a busload really impacts on the experience. We loved driving in Eastern Turkey because of the lack of tour buses. We could dally in fabulous ruins like « Ani » which take up an expansive space and only see a couple of other people the whole time. It makes such a difference in places that draw on a sense of peace to enjoy the scene fully.

    • I konw, It’s the best to be free. Chose your time… chose your place to visit… I love eastern Turkey. I’ve just seen a bit part of it a long time ago, would lov eto go back. This Australian road is really beautiful. We appreciated very much. x cathy

  • I think there are no words to describe this place. It has always been a dream of mine to visit. In terms of the crowds, I do not think it is necessarily easy to deal with them. Same thing happens here in California around the Big Sur area. We noticed there were not a lot of people on the southern portion of the drive. But, then, the more iconic parts were clogged with people. So, in terms of crowd control, I would say visit the part of the drive that is closer to the big city early (because that area is going to be more congested). Also, go to less visited known viewpoints or stops.

    • That’s exactly what you could do with a rent a car! In Canada, we were able to see all the animals because we went on the spots at 6 am… The Californian road is on list! 2017 maybe… xx cathy

  • michelle barrington

    Great photos – I am glad you enjoyed the Great Ocean Rd. A lot of people get tours because the windy bits plus being on the wrong side of the road for European drivers can be a bit intimidating. We drove back from SA along the Great Ocean Rd in summer and the crowds – and flies – were MUCH worse. You managed to grab some great shots.

    • Yeah! I didn’t want to drive on the other side and alone with my girl… But really I would like to go back in a camper van and stop in the small towns on the road. Just take more time to enjoy. xx cathy

  • Beautiful images Cathy. My husband’s family live at the end of the Great Ocean Road but we have only driven it once. We must make an effort and do it again. Safe travels home. x

    • Oh yes you must!!! Thanks a lot. We’ll have a one day stop in Dubai. And back to work! xx cathy

  • What gorgeous photos! And you make it seem as though the crowds don’t exist. I always try to visit places like this early in the morning, and we usually have the place to ourselves.

  • Corinne Vail

    Such a beautiful drive, and I agree with the selfie sticks….please!

  • The Great Ocean Road is on my bucket list – it looks stunning (and I’m a beach girl too!). I hope all the tourists were at least polite and gave everyone a chance to get a good photo without getting in the way. Nothing worse than a tourist who hogs all the good vantage points for too long!

  • I have done TGOR twice now and loved it. Very busy, but breathtakingly beautiful. You do need a few days though, to be able to stop and see all the sights. Great photos x

  • These are all really beautiful pics. And the last one way very funny as well, People always getting in the way of the landscapes…haha!