Guest Interview: Meet Krissy from Pretty Wee Things

Healthy Monday guys!

No recipe today (yeah I know I’m on holidays and being sooooo lazy!) but an interview of one of my blog mate!

The blogosphere is full of talented and nice people. Yeah! Bloggers are nice people! I met Krissy through a group of bloggers (almost all of them are from Australia! Guess how it sounds exotic for me?)

We started to share our views on healthy food and healthy life style. Even if I don’t get in France all her magical powders and products, we follow the same basic healthy ideas.


Krissy is a gorgeous lady, she has a lot of tips about a lot of things. Her blog is so pretty. I love it! Go and have a visit you will love her videos. This one is my favorite and Krissy is the queen of zoats!

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi, Krissy, a mumma, health food enthusiast and lover of pretty things. Pretty Wee Things is a blog dedicated to inspire ‘healthy living made pretty’.

Can you explain how you became interested in healthy food?

I think it has been a gradual process, one that is still constantly developing and changing (and lead me to start studying nutrition and health).  I have had a few health issues that triggered research, and with research comes knowledge.  I struggled to fall pregnant naturally so I bought a book dedicated to ‘natural’ health that I thought could help.  What did I have to lose?  While I also used conventional practices to help me fall pregnant, I learnt so much about chemical exposure, health and wellness, and I felt empowered to take control of my own health.  When I had my son my whole World changed and healthy living became a priority and a way of life.  I believe that everyone is doing the best they can based on what they know, so my goal is not to tell people what to do, but to inspire health through pretty wee things they can do to improve their health and wellbeing.

chia pudding

Being a mother, do you find it difficult to give your child healthy food (vs easy junk food that they can see in the supermarket) ?

I think this is the great thing about knowledge around healthy food.  If you start healthy it really isn’t any more stressful or difficult than the average toddler-food battle.  Yes, it takes a bit of thought and preparation at times, but my son will eat his broccoli and drink his green smoothies because he doesn’t know any different.

He still has convenient supermarket food (but the healthy stuff) when it’s needed, but 80% of the time his diet is healthy, balanced and whole.


How do you define healthy living/wellbeing for yourself?

A tricky question!  Healthy living has 101 different meanings!  For me, it is about mindful living.  Knowing what you are putting in and on your body, whether that be the good stuff or the not-so-good stuff.  I used to deprive myself, and I was so unhealthy for it.  Not at all the picture of health!

So healthy living for me is about mindfulness, knowing what you are using, eating and doing, and making conscious choices for health.  I naturally make healthy decisions 80 percent of the time, with room for indulgences.  I still LOVE sweets and dessert, so for me it is about knowing that, and not feeling bad about indulging in those foods.  I also love makeup, so I apply the same 80/20 balance to all areas of my life.


What could you say to people who think they don’t have time or that it’s too complicated to live a healthier life?

Take it back to basics.  It doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming.  Find little tips and tricks that will save you time and make healthy eating pleasurable.  Like pre-freezing smoothies, pre-packing lunches, making time to walk, or simply eating fruit or adding a salad to your meals.  Healthy living isn’t a short term fix, it’s a lifestyle, so the small changes you make each day will add up and become healthy habits over time.

Your blog is about wellbeing and healthy life, why did you start to blog? Where do you get new ideas for recipes?

I started Pretty Wee Things as a space to stay creative and true to myself while raising a small (very small at the time) baby.  It has since grown to be my passion and I love hanging out at Pretty Wee Things and other blogs (like yours) that inspire me each and every day.  My recipes are based on trial and error (a lot of error, you just don’t see that!).  I usually am inspired by classic foods that are not-so-healthy, and I try to ‘healthify’ them based on what I know works.  If I’m going to eat sweet things I want them to be doing something good for my body in return.
Thanks Krissy!
I love the 80/20 balance healthy lifestyle of Krissy. That’s totally what I’m trying to do for my family. We are not quitting sugar but reducing it (don’t forget I’m a baker haha!).
Go and check Krissy on Instagram too. She always have pretty pictures.
And stay tuned for something challenging and exciting as a team work from France and Australia! Doesn’t it sound great already?
  • What a great interview! Krissy’s blog really is full of pretty! And yes, I’m looking forward to your Francozatralian collaboration!

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Oh Krissy is just so great! I’m loving the videos she’s been doing too!

  • Really enjoyed this interview. I really like the 80/20 approach to eating, because I love cooking a sweet treat now and again {oh and nutella}. I don’t think I could quit sugar.

    • Thanks dear. I also love this approach. It totally fits my lifestyle as a heathy food lover and a baker! xx cathy

  • I’m 80/20 too and have reduced sugar rather than cut it out all together. Krissy’s blog is so lovely and I love what she is doing with it, great interview Cathy. x

    • Yeah Vicki I think we are on the same boat! You’ll enjoy what we are up to! xx cathy

  • I love Krissy’s videos. It is nice to think of us as an exotic bunch. 🙂 Great interview and lovely to get to know Krissy better.