Healthy Chicken Soba Noodle

Healthy Monday time!

When I write healthy soba noodle, I mean not fried. They are cooked in the lightest way and still really good.

Have a look at that, it’s just 10minutes preparation.

soba noodle

I made some research and several trials before getting the perfect way to cook soba noodle. Most of the time, they were all stick together and overcooked.

First, make a marinade for the chicken. Dice the meat. I used my favorite marinade: 3 tsp soya sauce, 2 tsp sesame oil, garlic, (ginger if you like it).

Put the veggies in a non-stick pan with a little olive oil on medium heat. Here I used frozen peas, green beans, 1 oignon, half red pepper cut.

Once they are almost cooked (the idea is to let them crunchy), add the chicken.

Put a pan with water to boil. DON’T follow the instructions on the noodle’s bag. They would be crazy overcooked noodles! Once the water is boiling, put the noodles in it. Mix gently with a fork. When the water is boiling again add a glass of cold water. Wait until it boils again and stop the heat. Remove immediatly the water and rince quickly the noodles with cold water. And now put them in the non-stick pan to mix gently with veggies and chicken. You don’t have to fry them. They were really good. That way of cooking is perfect, I was so happy it finally worked.

soba noodle

You could use salmon or beef or only veggies for a meatless meal. sobaEnjoy!


  • Hello, This is a lovely easy, mid-week meal idea. We travelled to Japan for the 1st time last January, we all loved the simple dishes that were so well prepared there. I will give your recipe a try tomorrow night! Thank you…x

    • Hi Monique, I ‘m a big fan of japonese food. It’s really tasty food. That’s my dream to take the kids to Japan some day… And Australia! So many places to visit! xx

  • This is a beautiful and delicious recipe! And thank you so much for the tip on cooking Soba noodles. I will try it next time!! xx

  • We have soba noodles a lot but I haven’t tried to cook them like that so now I will. Will be adding this to the repertoire I think. x

  • This looks delicious. I love soba noodles. Will have to try your signature cooking method next time! And that marinade sounds sensational! xx

    • I now apply that method to all asian pastas and really it works very well. It’s quite the same method than our teacher showed us for dumpling cooking. xx

  • Anne Jutras

    Bonjour Cathy, c’est le genre de recette que j’adore! Santé, léger et facile à préparer. Merci pour tes conseils pour la cuisson, des nouilles trop cuites ce n’est vraiment pas bon. 😉

    • Salut Anne, moi aussi, j’adore la nourriture asiatique et quand c’est vite fait et bon pour la santé franchement, que demander de plus? xx

  • I like your cooking method, I’ll have to try it next time as I’m quite into soba noodles at the moment.

    • Yeah! Soba noodles are fancy! Aren’t they? We love them here and it changes from traditional pastas.xx

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