How to explain democracy to our kids?

Picture Books du Monde: June Picture Book Review

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Hi! I’m Cathy.

I’ve always been a picture books lover. When I started my job as a psychologist, I discovered the power of those books on children with whom I was working. The power of words combined with illustrations. After I became a mum there was no reason to stop me buying tons more picture books for the family. Now I have 2 little bookworms and a well-used VIP card at my local bookstore. I’m also married to a collector of graphic novels. The bookshelves are full!

I’ll share with you each month a selection of picture books that interested us. I might also have some suggestions from my 10 year old daughter.

I hope you enjoy the link-up and the good books.

Hello! I’m Shannon, a teacher and a mama to 2 kids under 3.

I believe that reading is as important as breathing. I dream of having my own picture books published one day. I truly, wholeheartedly believe that there is a picture book to help all little ones (and big ones!) through most of life’s situations. They really are a perfect vehicle for making sense of the world.

I hope our link-up helps you to discover some amazing new books to add to your collections.

Vote for me or the lion who teaches our kids about elections.

I love this book. A few years back, it was an election time, my big girl had a lot of questions. When I saw this book in my fav book shop, I jumped on it.

Votez pour moi, picture book review by Peregrination gourmande

Usually the lion is elected but this year the little mouse asks a very good question. What’s the point to vote if there is only one candidate? All the animals want to be elected as a chief. Everyone presents a thoughtful program. For example, the cat candidate will offer mice for each meal. The ostrich offers to build a huge mall but when she is asked who will pay for it, she buries her head in the sand.

Votez pour moi, picture book review by Peregrination gourmande

Soon, it’s only chaos and fighting.

Votez pour moi, picture book review by Peregrination gourmande

The lion and the little mouse agree to stop the chaos and the lion takes back his leadership. And everyone is happy and celebrate.

Votez pour moi, picture book review by Peregrination gourmande

This is a very simple story to make young kids think about the leader position, the elections campains,  the politics. It’s still a favorite one to read as the good night story for gingerboy.

Don’t you think picture books are very helpful to explain serious subject to young kids? Do you use them?


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  • Cathy, I love the pics of this article 🙂
    I would have like to participate this time but no book about democracy come in my mind.
    You can have a look at my illustrated books for children selection in my pinterest profile : or have a look at my animated video on my blog:



    • My dear Sylvaine, please join the link up party with any illustrative book post. I’ll talk also about teens or adult comics later. xx cathy

      • Yeeeahhh I did it 😉

    • ps you know how much i’m a big fan of your work. xx

  • A timely recommendation, Cathie! Trump in the US. Britain and the EU. We have our federal elections on July 2nd. Love the illustrations in this one!

  • LydiaCLee

    Great idea. We have a number on a number of issues but none on democracy…

    • Yes! I love tricky subjects as it’s lot more easier to bring to kids with a picture book and also more fun! xx cathy

  • What a great idea! I don’t have kids, but I do have a newborn nephew! I’m very mush looking forward to sharing my love of reading with him. This sounds like a great book to check out when he is older.

  • What a great book, such beautiful illustrations and such a fun and relatable way to teach kids about democracy. Thumbs up!

    • Thanks dear! Sorry I didn’t find any english version! But there is spanish one!!! haha xx cathy

  • BookBairn

    Thank you so much for starting such a fabulous link-up! I am looking for some French books to read with my daughter so this one would be perfect! Do you know of any ‘French picture book classics’ (the equivalent of the Very Hungry Caterpillar) that would be suitable for a very little reader? I’m looking to start a collection! Thanks!

    • Thank you for joining! You are on the perfect spot! I’m totally in love with picture book as I use them for my kids and at work. I will prepare a french picture classic post for september as it’s back to school 🙁
      I have a few of them. One is the serie about the wolf « C’est moi le plus fort » It’s excellent for small kids. xx cathy

  • I’d never thought to seek out a book about this topic for kids but what a fabulous way to help explain such a confusing topic. Great link up ladies! Xx

    • Thanks for your support! Yes I love to find tricky subject for kids and make them think about it. I like to torture them haha ! xx cathy