In My Kitchen

April 2016 Kitchen Review

There is a lot happening in that kitchen since I’ve been back from Australia. And there is more planned for next week (gingerboy’s birthday and australian typical birthday cakes on my list).

For now I want to show you some discovery I made thanks to my swiss friends.

They know I’m a totally crazy about cooking and baking. They are also. Especially the husband of my friend who is not swiss really… (he is italian, you know how important food is for italians!) Each time we visit them, we have a Raclette, Pastas, Pizzas, wines, chocolate and a few more kilos of body weigh 😉

Gifts for the kitchen

They offered me some nice little bowls. They are cute, aren’t they? What should I use them for? Don’t say ice cream because you’ll see just in few lines…

Food Discovery

Swiss people know their job about chocolates, dairy products, cheese… but they are not bakers, sorry! For the first time, I discovered the supermarket brezels that you heat in the oven and wow!!! So good! So simple!


As we visited them after Easter… Guess what? We had to eat tons of chocolates! So hard!

Swiss chocolates is not only about Lindt chocolates. They are lots of different kind of chocolates. Milk chocolates with praline inside, with fruits, with cream…

easter chocolate

Souvenirs I bought there

We have a little ritual with my friend… We like to go for shopping in the biggest mall of the city. We let the kids in the Kinder Paradise with the lovely ladies. And we have some hours for ourselves. In our favorite shop « Globus », I found those pretty ice cream cups. I bought 6 of them, one in each color. They were used right away for raspberry smoothies. Yum!

ice cream bowl

Need, Want, Really NEEEEEED

Look at that invention!!! I love it so much! This is an electrical parmesan (or whatever hard cheese) grater. This is very economical and you get always fresh cheese. It’s a very clever tool! And yes those pastas are delicious!!! Especially with sicilian olive oil.

parmesan and pasta

And a collaborative recipe from my italiano swiss friend: a special orange and fennel salad.

I have to confess, I don’t like fennel – at – all! But I enjoyed this salad very much!

Just cut in slice 3 oranges (a mix of blood orange and regular orange is perfect) and fennel. The secret is too serve it very cold with olive oil and topped with rock salt.


Maureen from The orgasmic chef is hosting this month In My Kitchen link up. Have a look and discover what’s been going in my bloggers friends kitchen 😉

What’s happening in your kitchen this month my friends?


  • I love those ice cream cups Cathy and that salad looks amazing. How lovely to spend Easter with Italian Swiss friends too. x

  • Wow, that orange fennel salad is just beautiful!!! Simple but perfect. Love the gorgeous little ice cream cups too. SO nice to find your blog via the IMK link-up, it’s my second month participating so I am loving the opportunity to discover new blogs 🙂 Gorgeous photos! -Laura

    • Oh thank you dear! I’m loving that too. I’m totally a new fan of your blog! xx cathy

  • We have the same bowls. I actually use them for cat food and water… but I figure if I’m going to have food for the cat up on the bench in plain sight everyday, I want it to be something pretty!

    • Oh really? That’s so fuuny! My pug wouldn’t be able to eat or drink in those due to his head shape haha! xx cathy

  • So many awesome things in your kitchen this month! I love the ice-cream cups. How are you finding traffic to your ‘In my Kitchen’ post now that Maureen is hosting?

    • Those cups are the fav apparently haha! I really don’t know Shari as it’s my first « In my Kitchen », it’s a long time I wanted to do it. I love this serie. I will tell you next month 😉 xx cathy

  • Oh yum! So many goodies. Mouth-watering! And Lindt chocolates are the best…

    • You australian looooove lindt! I’ve noticed that! Haha. They are good! Love this serie more and more… xx cathy

  • So much deliciousness and wonderful things! I love those ice cream pots and that parmesan grater is just genius!

  • Oh my goodness. That fennel and orange salad looks amazing! And those ice cream cups are too cute! Xx

  • i love the look of that orange and fennel salad. yum! and how about that electrical cheese grater? so cute.

  • Those ice cream cups are so cute as are the little bowls. The Swiss do indeed know their chocolate. We are flying into Zurich this summer and traveling to Germany and Austria and my boys can’t wait to try every chocolate they can get their hands on!

    • Oh you’ll have a great time! I hope you’ll get a good weather to enjoy the mountains. xx cathy

  • Hey Cathy, looks delicious!! Also love the ice cream cups. I’m usually not the cook at home but since I love food and cooking I decided to cook at least once a week. So far the family likes it 🙂