Inspiring Healthy Challenge First part

Hey my friends!

Remember when we started The Inspiring Health Challenge with my friend Krissy? You can read more about it here and there.


This challenge is all about how to live in a healthy way without getting to annoyed with it. The simplier the better.


We chose small and sustainable goals for this challenge. Mine were quite reasonable.

  •  Eat my breakfast everyday even on work days
  • Running sessions 2× 30 minutes per week. (I just bought new sneakers so i really need to achieve this one haha)
  • Sleep better and enough! Focus on my inner self. Practice mindfulness everyday.
  • Stop having a snack at 6pm and if I am hungry just start the dîner time earlier.

Where am I now? Where are you?

Breakfast: check!

Running 2 sessions: most of the time it’s one session but I keep doing it now that winter is here.

Better sleeping: ok Mindfulness: Not At All ,  I just can’t do that! I think my busy mind is over thinking too much. But I took photograph classes that made me work on my inner feelings and emotions. That was quite an experience. (If you want to read about it…click here!)

We are now on the german rythme, we all eat at 6:30 pm and go to bed earlier! I think that kids are feeling better and I’m not eating all the time!

After this goal writing, there was a food journal writing that revealed all our bad habits! Speaking for myself, I really have to drink more water!!! That experiment was really interesting. I kept writing for 3 days what I ate and drank and immediatly noticed what I had to work on!

The challenges for the first month were all about veggies and fruits:


Since we started this challenge with Krissy, life gave a hard time: moving, no internet for 2 months (i mean no wifi), the kids back to school and stuff BUT I have to stop the fake excuses and go back to that challenge that makes me feel better. I really feel stronger, healthier, full of energy and I even can run 4km in 30min (yeah well, that’s good for me, believe it!!!).

Will you join us for the next part of the challenge? I know Christmas and sugar are coming very soon, I know it’s winter in the north hemisphere… but let’s do it altogether! The more the merrier! Go check Krissy’s blog, it’s full of healthy idea and very good informations about food and health. 

How many vegetables and fruits are you eating per day? Just don’t be shy… tell us!


  • I eat loads of fruit and love veggies, but I too need to drink more water. My gym instructor told me that we should be aiming to drink 1.25l of water per 25kg of body weight plus an extra litre if we do exercise! I better get drinking…