Kid Birthday Party: a homemade bakery class

Last week, Number 1 had turned 9. She’s a big girl now. And she has a lot of nice friends. For her birthday party, she wanted to have a bakery class. At home of course. With me, the baker mother as a teacher. A baker? yes. A mother? yes. But for teaching… i’ll pass. I’m not good at it. Not Good At All!

But as a cool mum, i had to accept the challenge! Especially that i’m famous (only amongst my daughter’s friends sorry) for my cakes. Those little girls and boys are crazy about baking and cooking.

Just because we like to make it more challenging we chose Moustache theme. I shouldn’t tell you that but Number 1 is a big fan of… moustaches! Is it also fashionable where you live?

moustache birthday party

So here we are… 9 kids, i have to say, 9 very well behaved kids, and polite and all helpful and motivated. The perfect Bakery Brigade! And 3 adults (mother, father and my dear friend Sol).

moustache birthday party

I prepared in advanced, researching what to do with kids, thinking how they’ll fit in my kitchen and all that jazz.

birthday buffet

I finally decided for those recipes:

Licorice Slice from Bakeplaysmile without licorice and a little bit french style (i had to adapt some ingredients)

Homemade Oreo (click and read)

Chocolate cupcakes (i’ll have to add that for you)

Cheese gougères

Little marshmallows dipped in chocolate and on a stick

In advance i just have made some chocolate thermomix fudge and raspberry marshmallow. And the cacao pâte sablée. So they really did a good job. The Moustache Brigade Chef was proud of her little students. About the teaching part, i have to say that i still don’t like it very much and prefer to cook by myself but i really enjoyed spending time with those nice kids.

But first, they had to decorate their little paper baker hat and the cups and straws. With the moustache theme. I had printed some stache decoration that i created very easily on canva website.

Look at that moustache fairy!

This one is really happy!

And to make it easier, we rented a few wooden games. They played a lot, they baked a lot. Some more than the others. Everyone was happy. At the end of the afternoon, parents were invited for a little buffet appreciation.

birthday buffet

I swear, in a 2 hours time, everything had been eaten! We had a really good time. Number 1 really enjoyed her party and is now asking for the next one!

Tell us about your favorite kids party!



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  • Awwww!! I love this! Looks like it was an amazing time! Good on you! You definitely deserve a mother of the year award!

    • peregrination gourmande

      Thanks that ‘s so sweet. I’m so glad of this party.

  • This is such a cute idea! Bet the kids will be talking about it for years!! You are cool mum indeed

    • peregrination gourmande

      They are indeed and asking for more bakery classes!

  • Bravo! One day I will totally leave a comment in French but for now, let me say, it looks magnifique! I wish you lived nearer so I could have a party like this! It’s deliciousness and cutenes overload. I think you could make a business out of kids’s parties, you’re obviously a natural! xx

    • peregrination gourmande

      Go you. Waiting to read you in french! I like so much to organise that kind of party. For the moment i only bake for friends and family. but in my sweet dreams… 😉

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