Le Tour Pictures

Le Tour de France, Cycling Race

10/10 Photography Circle: July 2016 Edition

I’m so busy at the moment, packing and unpacking and repacking to prepare our travel!!!!

So very quickly I’ll present you some pics from le Tour. And I dedicate this post to my friend Chris who dreams about watching the Tour. We were lucky enough to have the cyclists arriving in our city. I was lucky enough to watch them from the second floor of Ludmila’s best friend house.

Here comes the first… No! it’s just someone from the city! haha

tour de france cycliste

Waiting waiting…

Look at the little hands, that’s my girl trying to catch one of the hats that the advertisers are throwing.

Best french ad!

Here they are arriving, we ‘ve been waiting for 2 hours!

And gone, no more than a few seconds!

I’m sorry those are not great pics. I just wanted to show you the atmosphere. Don’t forget to follow the circle and have a look at my friend’s pictures : Jen. She’s got terrific pics always!

Enjoy my friends.



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  • Great photos Cathy! The Tour is always on the TV at our house each July and holds fond memories for me as my big boy was born in July. I remember my mum and husband sitting up to watch it late at night while I was wrangling a squirming newborn. Good luck with the packing! x

    • I’m amazed how the Tour is so famous around the world! Is your big boy a good cycist now? haha! xx cathy

  • How much fun is that?! I am jealous that you’re a part of of that each year. We have a lot of friends are nuts about The Tour, so we watch every pieces of it every year. I love that second picture. Beautiful!

    • This is crazy how american people are also fan of the tour. I remember my canadian last home swapping, they were crazy about it. They brought their bikes to cycle around our region!!! xx cathy

  • The tour used to come near my mum’s when she lived in France – we’ve been watching a bit on telly, how fun that it actually comes through your home town! Cracking pics, as always! Can’t wait to see you soon!

    • I finally sit and answer to the comments! So glad to be here in front of this beach. See you in a few minutes haha! xx

  • Awesome action shots Cathy! I can just imagine the excitement and congrats on getting a fab shot! I would of been the one who’s battery died a minute before they were due lol!! It always looks so gorgeous where you live. I hope to visit you one day xx

    • Yes please come over! We ll make room for you and the family! So you know, if you want to see the tour, it’s july! haha see you very soon. We’ll take some nice pics together on your farm! xx cathy

  • How cool! What a great atmosphere!

  • We watch the Tour ever year on TV, the countryside & towns are amazing!

    • Well you should come and see in real! I ‘ll show you around! Make a group with Jo! haha ! xx cathy

  • You should come to visit us!!! Whenever you want! xx cathy

  • Thank you so much for sharing these photos. Your home town look absolutely beautiful and it must have been so very special to have Le Tour visit Angers. Yes, I will definitely watch Le Tour live one day. Much love, Chris xx

    • You’ll have to come one day to see it! I bet the days in the mountains are even more spectacular! xx cathy