August 10/10 photography circle.

It’s photography circle time! You may have stopped here through Jen and her beautiful pictures.

I have a lot of pictures to share with you. It was quite difficult to chose only 10!!

Come and join me on our road trip on Bohüslan coast. This is the western coast of Sweden starting from the north of Göteborg and going to Norway.

We stopped and many villages, on several islands, it was wonderful.

Ok I stop speaking and bring on the pics!

Welcome to Viking Land!


Orust island

fisher men house

orüst island

I played a little with my wide angle lense. Look at my team! Yeah I know the little one was sleeping in the car…


LavendaSwedish gardens are so beautiful and well done. I was totally in love with them.


Our road trip ended in Fjallbacka. The village of Camilla Lackberg. Do you like her books too? I’m a huge fan! All the crimes and stories taking place in such a pretty village! It’s fun to see in real the place that you imagine when reading.



I hope you enjoyed my pictures of this beautiful swedish coast. Now jump into the circle and visit the nice british pictures of my friend Sammie.



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  • @dianaphotographyaustralia

    Cathy, your photos are so unique! I love the way you take us from the big picture scenery to the smallest details. It’s as though we are looking through your eyes. Gorgeous photos. ❤️

  • What beautiful photos Cathy! I am incredibly jealous of your vacation and these beautiful places you get to spend time in. Your photos have really captured a feel of the place.

    • Thank you Jen, we are world travellers. We enjoy nature and authentic places. That’s what we loved in Sweden even if the weather was uncertain most of the time! xx cathy

  • Sweden is on my list of places to visit! So lovely Cathy. Glad to see that you knew where the kid were! Great photos! my fav is of the wide lens! xx

    • Oh I’m glad to read that because my wide lens is really give me hard time and I have to exercise a lot with this baby! xx

  • WOW. Amazing shots Cathy. You have really captured the feeling of the place. x

    • Thanks Di, that’s exactly what I ‘m trying to do. I posted a lot on IG and still have a lot to post!! xx cathy

  • What beautiful images – you’re like the Queen of the Camera! I’ve never been to this part of Sweden but I totally think I need to go. It’s just so beautiful! I love all the pictures but the wide angle lens is definitely my favourite – what a shot! Happy holidays! xx

    • I’m really happy that you like my using of the wide lens! You should go there it’s so beautiful, and why not go more in the north to Norway! Soon … Norway is on my list but not yet! haha xx

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    Amazing!!! I have been stalking your trip over on instagram too….so jealous!!!!

  • I got lost staring into these pics Cathy! I have never been to Sweden but I feel like I know it better now. BEAUTIFUL shots xo

    • Thanks Jenny! Sweden is really a nice and quiet country. I will write a post about our travel because wa really had a good time there and only saw a small part of the country! xx cathy

  • Jacinta Barnes

    Ok don’t tell anyone but hands down your photos are are favourite this month!! Simply stunning!!!

  • That was a beautiful trip down memory lane, Cathy. We travelled through Sweden, Norway and Denmark once upon a time and it was magic. Your photos have taken me straight back to this gorgeous part of the world. I’d forgotten about the sweet Swedish gardens too! x

    • I’m in love with this country! I wan’t wait to visit Norway and Coppenhague is on my list for our anniversary (10 years, I thought Coppenhague would be great!) . You must have done a beautiful trip and a lot of km!!! xx cathy

  • wow Cathy! Just stunning pics once again. A part of the world I’ve never been to but really do hope to one day. My fave is the wide angle shot and the one of the chain. Amazing angle and light! xx

    • Oh thanks! You are several to have loved these pics with the wide lens! I’m amazed because I found it very hard to take those pics! xx cathy

  • Thanks Jo! Come to Europe dear! xx cathy

  • Wow your pics are just gorgeous! I have never been overseas, I hope to go sometime soon, would love to visit Sweden, photo Friday is so cool! Love it!

    • I know it’s so cool. And I love this 10/10 circle. It makes me travel each month. Thanks for stopping by. Sure you would love sweden! xx cathy

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