My first Pickelets

Healthy Monday? Yeah!

In fact we ate those delicious pickelets yesterday for tea time. The kids just loved it.

I didn’t even know what was a pickelet since a few aussie blogger mates posted on them. Mmmmm i have to say, they are like heaven. I tried for my first time the recipe of the very famous veggiemama. She has an amazing blog with a lot of good healthy recipes.

pickeletsI just added some more fruits to her original recipe. Here some rasberries.

And down here some blueberries.

pickeletI used frozen fruits that i just added in the mix. What i really loved about this recipe is the banana flavor. It’s really filling and i even reduced the amount of sugar.

pickeletI served them with clementines juice for kids and a cup of tea for the older ones!

Now i’ll have to make them every sundays! Enjoy!


  • Hmmmm…those look yummy! Are they just like little pancakes? Because I think the husband could get behind that idea…especially if he doesn’t have to make them 😉

    • Jen, i have to say, they were all eaten in like … 15minutes! Husband and kids were like ogres! The thing is i didn’t know about pickelets before i saw them on our aussie blogger mates! It is supposed to be the australian crepes version. Or for you, i would say your pancakes version! But really, with this banana flavor… miam! xx cathy

  • Awwww ! Wanna taste it ! The pictures are pretty great anyway. Love it 😉

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Asmaa. I’m happy that you find my pictures nice. I’m working on it. Next time i’ll be in Paris, i’d love to have a cup of kusmitea and some cakes with you! xx

  • Jo

    Yum! I really need these for breakfast – but I have to do the grocery shopping first – Booo! Banana ones are our fave x

  • I also only discovered pikelets when I moved Down Under but I have to say I was quickly won over. They’re so yummy! 🙂

    • Thanks Pearl, you’re right, i’m addicted now! I want them every week end! xx cathy

  • These look so yummy! Great idea adding the raspberries and blueberries! My son would love that! x

    • Yes and it’s a way of hiding fruits and vitamines for the kids that are not willing to eat them! 😉 xx cathy

  • These look so yummy! So what do you prefer? Pancakes or crepes, this is the question?! I am terrible at making pancakes but I make crackin’ crepes! Thanks for linking up to the Ultimate Rabbit Hole xx PS I’m loving that you have Disqus!

    • Thanks to you Sam I finally put on Disqus. you were so right, it makes life easier! Tough question… without mentionning galette (you know the brittany ones from black wheat flour). I love all the kind. What i liked very much i that recipe is that you could add a banana straight in the paste. Impossible with crepe recipe! xx

  • These look so delicious. I love pikelets. My kids love them too. I must make them for morning tea this week. Jx

  • Pikelets are a favourite in our house. I love them smothered in butter. 🙂

    • peregrination gourmande

      Mmmm see why I have to make them every sunday now? xx