My Healthy Food Philosophy

Or how I became interested in healthy food

As you may already know or have just heard the rummor on the blogosphere or the social medias… With my friend Krissy from PrettyWeeThings, we are working for you on an #inspiringhealthchallenge.

But first, I thought it would be a good idea to explain a bit more how I became interested in healthy food and healthy living style.

You may first read this story  that made the point of starting this big change in my lifestyle.

When my kid was sick, I felt so useless, I mean no ! Not useless of course but the docs were the boss. It was like we weren’t entirely parents anymore. Then I really needed to do something for my family and treat ourselves with healthy stuff and not the bad hospital food or the mountain of strong medicine. By that time, husband was also suffering from a chronical disease and felt a lot of pain and was taking like 14 pills a day (pain killer, and all that stuff). Just for you to know, he is ok now with a bio therapie, he has a treatment every 10 days and started again running, hiking and working as crazy ! Meaning he is really ok!!

As I really needed to feel usefull and try to maintain something healthy in my home, I started a garden (at that time we lived in the countryside between wineyards, yes I know sounds dreamy but I assure you, it was too far from everything !) and grow my veggies. I learnt from that experiment that I don’t have green hands at all !!! And that gardening is a very hard job and surely not for people who like to go on holidays ! My fav part of this was the final part when you cook and prepare veggies and put them in freezer !! Haha ! That’s how lazy I am, I know !

So the prep and cooking part was the one I found so interesting ! I decided to give up the gardening part and find some local farmers using organical methods or at least sustainable agriculture.

We didn’t have weigh issues, we had health issues. Of course, eating better didn’t cure us but it did give me the feeling I was taking back control on our lifestyle. And that was quite important to me ! I don’t say good healthy food is a medicine, I just think it’s good for our body and mind.

wok shrimp veggie

I read a lot of books and things on internet and started the long process of becoming conscious about what food I was buying.

My first step was reading the ingredients of the food I bought in supermarket. I tried to limit the chemicals like colorants and conservatives.

veggie patties

My second step was to buy in first instance in the farmer market some local products and eat my veggies and fruits according to our season. No strawberries for Christmas here! haha!

As we are « gourmands » as the name of the blog announces, I always kept some good summer fruits in the freezer. And use them the whole year. At first, our taste has to adapt to those new products like grains, lens, whole cereals… but now each time we eat some cake in the restaurant we find it too sweet, too fat…

My point today is just to motivate you. At first it may be strange taste and not enough sugar but I got used to very quickly. I thought about this change as a process on a long way. You don’t have to change everything at the same time. Just try some small changes and see if it works for you.

My changes took like 2 years to find my new balance healthy lifestyle. As you know I also bake ordinary french bakery and use ordinary products. My family is really happy and it’s quite healthier than if we buy our cakes in the shops. We are not boring or extreme people, we can have fun with cheese, ham and wine in our fav restaurant. We like to have a good burger sometimes! We have the same rule as Krissy: 80/20%. 20% extras and we try to maintain 80% healthy food. Let’s see if it could work for you!

fruit and veggie salad

Join Krissy and me on our journey towards a healthier life. We’ll support each other as a team and will answer all the questions and keep the motivation on! Just write your questions and thoughts in the comments bellow. That will help us to know what you want to see on this challenge.

veggie pancake


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