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10/10 Photography Circle: July circle

This is the time to join me on the 10/10 photography circle! Remember to follow the circle until you’re back at me! You may have found that post through Veronica’s blog.

Not much words, a lot of pictures. Today I have to say something. Here I go… (NO I’m not pregnant!!!). Last month was my birthday and… I got a new baby!!! A fancy full frame canon 6d! It was second hand and my dear dad found it on a specialized second hand photograph store. It’s incredible how it changes my life and make it simplier to take pictures in dark, inside conditions. So today I’ll share some of my beginning steps with my new lover and take you in my home and garden.

Let’s go out! We live on the second floor of an old stone house (19th century). Those are origami flowers that my friend made for her wedding decoration. They are welcoming you at the door.

Our beautiful wooden stairs.



Follow me in the garden. Do you like our colorful tiles?


There are full of old retro details in our garden. I’m totally in love with my roses.

old door

Meet my little new baby!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Jump into the circle and have a look at my blogger friend Diana. She always makes beautiful family pictures. Enjoy!


  • Oh, how gorgeous! I can tell that you and your « lover » are going to have a bright and happy future together! You were just made for each other! The pictures are just ace and you home looks just dreamy. Now I want to be a bit nosey and have a look inside!

    • You might be able to have a look inside soon… Stay tuned darling! Oh and about my lover… we are now on honeymoon in sweden, freezing but playing a lot! haha xx

  • I am so jealous of your new camera! You always take such incredible detail shots. That third shot and the one of the rose on the door latch – gorgeous! Great job this month!

    • Thanks Jen! I have to say that I’m loving more and more photography. I’m happy to be able to use this wonderful camera. xx

  • michelle barrington

    Cathy your roses look like what we call hibiscus here in Australia. I am very envious of your lovely new camera. I know it will be well ‘loved’ and be in good hands. My camera on the other hand came off second best with my 3 year old and I can see either expensive repairs or a new one.Sob

    • Oh right! We also have hibiscus in pots. But that kind is called « rose trémière » it’s growing everywhere, even between houses. It’s quite strong plant! Oh gosh! That’s terrible! The repairs are so expensive. Do you know if it worths it? xx

  • @dianaphotographyaustralia

    Oh my, Cathy! Every time you post it makes me want to come and visit you!! What a beautiful place you live in. Now onto your photos… congrats on the new camera too. Your images are superb. You capture the details so delicately. Nice cute touch with the flower too. 🙂 xx

    • Yeah I tried to play romantic this time! Haha! I’m loving it more and more everyday. He (or she? what would you say for your camera if doean’t want to call it « it »?) is so good in technical terms. I now can get some very good food photography in dark conditions. So happy! xx

  • Love your new baby Cathy! The details are beautiful! And remember it’s not the camera that takes the photos but the photographer ok. xx

    • You’re so kind Steph! My new baby is doing ok. I’m now trying to train it with a wide angle lens. Not easy. xx

  • Just beautiful Cathy, I want to come and visit you! I look forward to a tour of the inside of your home sometime! x

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    That old gate and that gorgeous staircase oh Cathy!!!! Your new camera is amazing!!

  • Such beautiful details and history in your house. The wooden staircase if beautiful. As are the beautiful tiles. I think your baby is very lucky to have such an awesome mummy! Thanks for sharing. x

  • I am sooo coming to visit you for tea and cakes one day Cathy!! No wine and baguettes! Your staircase is a scene from a movie! So much to love where you live, and great to see you in the photos too xx

    • Thanks Jo, but how will it be possible for you to come and not have french wine tasting??? And there is a very good fake champagne in this region too! Come on! xx

      • I mean no the the tea and cakes, let’s get straight to the wine and Champs – yes please 😉

  • jen@mysentimentaljamboree

    I often refer to my camera as my third child. What beautiful shots your new baby took! I’m touring the 10on10. On to the next one. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stunning Cathy! My fave is the last one with you in it 🙂

    • Oh you’re so kind! It’s always difficult to show our face. I’m not a selfie fan but I had to do it! xx

  • Jacinta Barnes

    What awesome photos and an awesome present! The last one of you is so great! Wish I was brave enough to take one of myself!!

    • I totally understand you, really the magic mirror door from 2 centuries helped a lot! xx

  • I like this 10 X 10 idea. Now, what kind of camera is that again? Found you through Jen at Pierced Wonderings by way of Veronica. ~Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants.

    • Hey! Thanks for your comment! It’s a canon 6d. A full frame!!! That’s why he is magic, well to me at least! xxcathy

  • Hi Cathy! I so love seeing your photos each month, they make me happy! Congrats on the new baby, lucky you!! x

    • I’m happy they make you happy! That’s the best compliment you could tell me about my photography! xxx cathy

  • Oh I laughed out loud! Happy Birthday and I freaking love your new baby and what you’ve done with her! The stairs are amazing! And that flower that goes everywhere. Yes I like your coloured tiles. How could anyone not? Beautiful x

  • Love your photos Cathy, and your stairs! I am in love! They are amazing!

  • Congratulations on your new baby 😉 I have to say I’m both jealous of your new camera and your home. Both are fantastic! Those wooden stairs are so dreamy…

    • Oh thank you, you’re so kind! I have to exercise a lot now with this camera. There are a lot of options. It’s very very good! xx cathy

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