The Perfect Balanced and Healthy Meal

Today i want to go deep into some nutritional facts. I know we are a lot wanting to lose some extra kg (christmas chocolate why are they so good?).

For the ones who don’t need/want to go on a diet, i suggest to start with some balanced and healthy meal. Ok you can call it Detox!


Every monday, you find on that blog some healthy food diner ideas.

I had some leftovers from yesterday veggie rice. I completed my plate trying to follow some of my principles.

One portion of cereal (rice and lens) for each meal

One portion of cooked vegetables (brocolis) for each meal

One portion a day of fish/egg/white meat

One portion of starchy food (here potatoes) for each meal. You could skip this portion if you are willing to lose weight.

One portion of raw vegetables or fruits.

  • The idea is to feel satiety, you should not be hungry anymore at all.  At the end of your meal you shouldn’t be willing to have pizza or brownies 😉
  • And of course, the idea is also to get all the amount of vitamins, fibers and nutriments needed for your busy day.
  • I try to apply this principle of several portions playing with season veggies and cereal.

I can hear your thoughts  » who is this foolish girl with her yummy chocolate cakes and sweats talking about healthy balanced food? »… Don’t get mad at me! I think food and life is a question of balance. In our kitchen, i try to make healthy food almost everyday. But food is also a pleasure, we are a greedy family and we all love some sweat bakery sometimes (and even foie gras!). I try to use good products, a lot of organic or market veggie & fruits, and try to avoid food processing industry.

What else? Oh yes, just a quick something about that delicious japanese style salmon that you can find here.

Enjoy and tell me what is your perfect healthy meal?