Photo Project 10/10

Photo Circle.

March 10 on 10.

This is the first week end of sunshine and warm weather. We can feel the end of winter here. I love this soft light that we get in mid season.

We had a nice walk in the city. Angers offers to visitors a very old city center. A lot of houses are from Middle Age. It’s also a city of arts. Would you join us on our promenade on the pavements?



The french guy with his back up bike and charriot. No one knows when number 2 would be tired 😉

While he is playing to catch up the streetart bat, mummy is taking pictures of doors.


Which one do you prefer? I like the one with the bronze sculpted hand.


We ended our tour in the arts part of town. Reflexion of old buildings on the art museum windows.




Look at that: who is happy next to the little magic door. Actually, he’s looking at his daddy who is jumping and clowning!


Enjoy the photo circle and have a click to see Stephanie‘s post.

xx Cathy

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  • Tres Bien Cathy. What a gorgeous photos of your little man. I loved promenading with you. The brass door handle with the hand is gorgeous. Jx

    • Oh your french is good! I love old doors and old material details. They tell us history. xx cathy

  • Amazing photos Cathy. I’m now ready for a trip back to France. The detail in your shots is incredible. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate that you love my pics! A little part of France for you to share. xx

  • Gorgeous pics Cathy. Love that we get a tour around the world with 10 on 10! Xx

    • Yes that’s amazing! I like it very much to see a little part of each life, of other countries…xx

  • Amazing pics ! I love the little boy who is very cute . Everything is so pure, beautiful.

  • Jo

    What stunning pictures Cathy! My Mum is off to France in June, she will fall in love even more. I so need to go too!! You’re model is so handsome!

    • Oh Where is she planning to go? Only Paris or a little tour? I know, he’s so cute that sometimes it’s hard to be strict! xx

      • Jo

        Im pretty sure she is off to South of France in the country to visit a cousin, Paris for a touristy stop and Monet’s Garden. She’s an art teacher so in her element 🙂

      • Wow that’s great. South of France is beatiful. In june it’s perfect, just before the loads of tourists!

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  • These photos are breathtaking & make me wish I was anywhere other than at work right now!! Your little boy next to the magic door is gorgeous!

  • So beautiful Cathy. Makes me want to book a flight and jump on a plane to France 🙂 You’ve picked out some exquisite features to photograph and I love all of the golden overtones. Very special!

    • Yeah! Come and we will have cakes and champagne! I’m happy that my pics make you want to come! xx

  • These are so gorgeous Cathy! Thank you very sharing your beautiful city! x

  • Karen

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Cathy! Such attention to details. The history and textures of the city are amazing x

    • Thanks Karen, my lens didn’t want to work on anything else but details. Architecture photography is complicated. I wanted to show you a more global view but that’s ok! xx

  • Oh my goodness Cathy, your photos are just gorgeous. I adoe them all!

  • Beautiful pics Cathy. I love your attention to detail – it makes me want to have a flight of French fancy. Your boy is uber cute – what a charmer! xx

    • You just put the right word, a charmer. At the end of the promenade, after shooting him for 20 times (never he refused) we thought with hubby that we could get money from his pictures! Haha! xx

  • Oh Cathy those photos are amazing. You have such a talent! And what a gorgeous place. So much history. I’d love to visit one day!! And your little boy is just THE CUTEST!!!

    • Thanks Lauren. Please come to visit! My little town is just about french lifestyle, old stones, history, arts and wines! He is cute and he knows that! xx

  • Love, Love your pictures Cathy! Captured the old city and your family very well 🙂

  • Love your photos Cathy!! I adore France, I miss it so much. I could happily live there.
    Your little boy is just gorgeous!

    • Hey Lauren, I thought of you when I post these pictures. Does it remind you your trip in Loire valley?

      • Absolutely! I love your part of the world, so beautiful! My husband really wanted to move to Amboise when we were there.

  • Cathy these are beautiful photos! You have an incredible eye. The expression on your little man’s face is precious. Great job!

    • Oh thank you Jen, I’m enjoying more and more photography. Now i’m dreaming of new lenses and stuff… not good for the budget! haha

  • Fleur @ Our Urban Box

    Wow! What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Loved these photos Cathy x

  • Stunning Cathy!! You have captured the light in these images beautifully. I love every single one. x

  • Cathy your pictures are amazing!! So much gorgeousness in your town. And your little boy is just scrupmtious!! x

    • He is the 4 years old policekid I told you about! Just put him on a uniform and he will give tickets to all bad (or not) drivers! xx

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    These pictures are amazing…..I love everything French!!

  • Hey Kate 🙂 You make me feel calm! I love the colours and the mood of your pictures. I am new to the circle but can hardly wait to see your next 10 xo

    • Welcome to the circle! Thanks, that’s exactly how I feel when I took those pictures. I’m already looking forward next 10/10. xx

  • Anne Jutras

    Bonjour Cathy,
    Je ne savais pas que tu avais fait un 10 on 10, je l’ai fait pendant un certain temps. Ça oblige notre regard à porter attention à notre quotidien tout au long de la journée. Tu as de très belles photos! Bravo!

    • Coucou Anne, j’adore participer à ce 10/10. ça motive vraiment. Je suis contente que tu les trouves reussies. J’avais essayé de suivre tes conseils de photos en composition, de balance des blancs etc… bises cath