The 10 on 10 photo project

What is this? I don’t know exactly who started with this idea but a lot of photographers or bloggers are into a 10 on 10 project.

You may have a look at my lovely Clever Cookie school photography teacher blog. She is an amazing photographer of course and she explains what is this 10 on 10 project. So when Rowe Timson offered to mentor a few students and create our special event, i jumped in without hesitating a sec.

My 10/10 february post will be about sharing more of food photography. Ok i promise to do something different very soon like daily life with kids but it’s just that i want soooo much to improve myself in that kind of photography.

Here we are, feel free to give some advice and tell me what is the most suggestive yummy picture.

All the pictures were edited with picmonkey.

Those Pavlovas gave me a hard time, because they are all so white.


blueberry pavlova

pavlova detail This one was particularly tricky. I loved so much the curvy white  lines of the cake but it doesn’t come out so well in macro. A bit disappointed here…






chocolate mousse cake


I really don’t know how to correct that ugly mirror effect of the light. Any suggestion? And the colors really don’t work, the pictures are a bit grey.







chou salé




Again i’m not happy with the artificial light. But the petit chou was very good!





verrine betterave chantilly

verrine betterave chantilly Those mini glasses are ok i think. They are beet root puree with salted chantilly and parmesan cheese.

brochette fromage chèvre sésame

sucette fromage chèvre sésameI’ll stop make you hungry now. I hope to improve my skills in food photography and learn more training myself each month. That’s it for my february 10/10. We have a pretty nice circle going around with talented bloggers.

Have a visit on Shannon’s blog to follow the circle of the 10/10 project. Enjoy!

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  • Cathy!!! Oh my goodness I want to eat it ALL!!! Those meringues look amazing. I think the photos turned out beautifully. You are way too hard on yourself. Well done! xxx

    • peregrination gourmande

      Thanks dear. That’s my point to make you all hungry 😉 Thanks darling. I might be a litlle perfectionist? haha I didn’t know that! xx

  • Hello! I’m hopping around your 10 on 10 circle and enjoying myself immensely. It’s nice to meet you, Kate. What a good idea to use this project as a way to work on your photography. I’m no expert (I kinda suck actually), but I do think that you can fix your « mirror effect » by putting a light, gauzy fabric across your light source – so filter it. Just use a light white curtain, or some chiffon type material. It will diffuse the light for you. x

    • peregrination gourmande

      Thanks for your lovely comment. Nice to meet you to. It’s great to meet people through blogging! You’ re right i should put something like a white sheet. I tried with paper but it was too dark afterwards. I fixed the link to Shannon’s blog. Was a bit tricky this first circle organisation!

  • PS – your link to Shannon’s blog doesn’t seem to work for me? x

  • LOVE your food and your photos! Especially love the depth of field in some of your shots. Yep – definitely hungry now! Why do you live so far away? I’d be very happy to stop by for morning tea or lunch and a chat! 😉

    • peregrination gourmande

      I love depth of field in food photography! Glad you like it too. I’d be happy to make a lot of cakes and french food for you and feed you all! I’ll hope to come and visit your country soon. xx

  • Lovely Lovely Lovely…..Now I’m hungry…..all of these would be scrumptious with a nice hot coffee me thinks! xo

    • peregrination gourmande

      Or a glass of champagne… don’t you think? 😉
      I just love champagne and cakes! haha

  • My goodness, you’re definitely making me hungry! Great photos Kate, no need to be so hard on yourself! I wish to try your food one day x

    • peregrination gourmande

      Thanks darling! So i will have a lot to bake for you all when i come to visit you! I’m so happy that you are all liking the pictures and that the food makes you hungry! xx

  • Gosh you have been busy in the kitchen! Those pavlova shells look so pretty. Can’t wait to see what you whip up again!

    • peregrination gourmande

      You know that i wasn’t really interested into pavlovas before i met you all, my aussie bloggers friends. 😉 So i had to try them. I’ll make a post with the recipe very soon. xx

  • Hi Kate – thanks for your pictures – you’ve made me hungry! I especially love the petit chou – I think it looks perfect! x

    • peregrination gourmande

      You’re right, they are my fav to eat as appetizers. It’s usually baked sweat but i like to make a savory version of those choux.

  • Pavlovas misbehave for me too – they go straight to my thighs. I think all your shots were lovely. Don’t be hard on yourself.

    • peregrination gourmande

      Thanks Michelle. I really loved to do it even if it’s difficult to find the good light or the good composition. xx

  • Gorgeous photos!! And amazing cooking skills!

    • peregrination gourmande

      Thanks Jacinta. You’re so lovely.

  • I don’t know much about photography either so we will learn and improve together! Those pavlova’s look great! I love pavlova’s. Can’t wait of next month xx

    • peregrination gourmande

      Yeah! I’m so excited about our little group! This will be great to improve altogether.

  • so much deliciousness!!!! beautiful photos!

    • peregrination gourmande

      Thanks dear. I’m really happy that you like it. xx

  • Cathy, You have made me so hungry. I love the petit chou… so cute. Beetroot puree sounds lovely. Well done on a great first month. Jx

    • peregrination gourmande

      Thanks Jess. That beetroot puree is so yummy! You have to taste it! xx

  • You’re making me so hungry! So many incredibly yummy things, photographed beautifully I think! I really LOVE the meringue ones so much. Be kind to yourself lovely because you did a brilliant job x

    • peregrination gourmande

      Oh thank you so much Rowe. I really want to work on that kind of photography. It’s not easy but it worth it. Thanks again for helping us creating our 10/10. You rock. xx cathy

  • Nice to meet you! Can’t believe i haven’t stopped by here before. Your food looks so tasty and you’ve made me super hungry!! Yum! 🙂

    • peregrination gourmande

      Hi! Thanks. I’m glad we can know each other better in this photo group. It’s just great!

  • potentialpsych

    I love the way you style your food and photos Cathy. I especially love the black and white details in the first shots. Beautiful! I cannot photograph food at all!
    Oh and I made your delicious nut and chocolate slice last week and took it to a party on Sunday afternoon with some of my husband’s work colleagues. They loved it so much that I sent some more with him to work the next morning. I used macadamia nut meal. It was delicious and so easy! Thank you 🙂 xx

    • peregrination gourmande

      Oh i’m so glad you loved my grandma recipe. That means a lot to me… you know, grandma from eastern europe! That’s great. Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m so looking forward next 10/10. xx cathy

  • I’m loving all the photos this month. I totally dropped the ball, but looking forward to March. You are making me totally hungry with your gorgeous pictures. Well done Cathy!

    • peregrination gourmande

      Thanks dear. That’s just my goal, to make people hungry. 😉 I’m totally exciting about next 10/10.
      xx cathy