Photography Project 10/10

10/10 April 2015

This will be my 3rd 10/10. I enjoy very much sharing with you this photography project. This is a circle so don’t forget to follow it until you are back at me! Enjoy!

Family day out.

Is it spring? Really? Not possible! It’s sunny ok but it’s freezing and windy!

That’s not a problem for the kids. They love to go out and play with a ball or ride their bike.

We have a new baby in our family. I didn’t tell you that here but the ones who follow me on instagram are already bored with many pictures of this little creature! Please everyone meet Little Vador. (In french the name of Luke Skywalker’s father is Dark Vador). My boy is a big fan of Star Wars and of course you could notice how the dog and the caracter look like each other!


So family day out. A good moment to take some family pictures.

Now let me tell you a story. The story of a little boy who was so afraid to ride a bike. Once… and now he is really determined!

But… how is it possible? My sister! She dares to pass me! Oh I’m really angry now!

I’m so angry that… I could drop my bike! Yes I do that!

And now Mum and Dad can see I’m angry! Like really angry! Why are they laughing? Are they laughing at me? Ok… I’ll try to ride my bike again and pass everyone and be the very first arrived!

See? I did it! Haha! I’m the best! I’m very powerfull like Spiderman!

That’s my story of the day and to finish my 10/10 let me share this jumping girl, we had fun taking those jumping  pictures again and again.

Follow the circle of our 10/10 members and enjoy the photographs of the lovely Jess.

Have fun!


  • What stunning pics Cathy! I LOVE the last one of your jumping girl! And my little guy has been known to throw his bike I frustration too! Too cute. Thanks for the lovely glimpse into your day! Xx

    • Shannon, thank you for your lovely comment and thank you, you are just reassure me. So it will pass? This horrible phase of grumpy caracter? My girl wasn’t like that! x

  • Oh I love this, and what beautiful photos! Your puppy is so cute, and I think the name really suits him. Gorgeous kids xx

    • Thanks Nicole, So you see the similarity between Vador pug and Dark Vador? Of course! He is so funny! A sweet little puppy, but he still does a lot of mess in the house! xx

  • You know how I am a big fan of the puppy pics! More Vador, please! These family pics are so beautiful, Cathy, you have captured some magical moments. I think the jumping girl is my favourite – look how high she can go!

    • She loved to jump a lot until I catched it properly! Did you see how Vador is cute? But I don’t think I’ll be able to bring him in Australia when I’ll come. Don’t you? The 24hours air plane? hummm xx

  • Oh Cathy, I simply adore your photos. What a beautiful little family you have. And Vador is is just the cutest. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you dear. My friends keep telling me that I « bought » my third child as a joke! He is a cute baby dog! xx

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    the cutest puppy ever! haha your little one’s bike tantrum was so funny!!!! your children are beautiful!

    • Thanks darling! The bike scene was funny indeed. And litlle vador is the new park star!xx

  • @dianaphotographyaustralia

    Oh I just loved your series Cathy. You have a gorgeous family and your little man reminds me of my crazy little guy (no. 3). The bike shots made me laugh!! Congrats on Vador too – I think you’ll be bonding with Jenny Tiffen (Love Wednesday) over Instagram with your pug photos! 🙂 xo

    • Yeah! our puppys are already insta friends! Haha! Oh why boys are like that? I am sometimes really exhausted of this behavior! xx

  • Cathy! What beautifully fun photos! I love them all – such great captures. That first family photo cracks me up as does your little boy’s tantrum. And that last shot of your girl? Priceless! Great job with these!

    • Thanks Jen. They like to be photographied! Even if ginger boy is really moving all the time! xx

  • Gorgeous photos of your day, and the funny story about your son! Thanks for sharing! x

    • Thanks Steph! It was fun to take all those pictures! I really want some summer now! It’s getting better but the trees are still nudes! xx

  • Jo

    Oh I love all your pictures!! What a pretty park you were in, wow! Don’t you just love laughing at your kids, especially if they are in a bad mood, haha! Vador is just adorable xx

    • Of course I laugh at them a lot. And sometimes I cries also because they are crazy and fighting! Haha! Vador is ok for now but he likes to eat shoes and chairs and… whatever comes under its teeth! xx

  • I follow Little Vador!! Sooooo so cute! Best friends with my puggy 🙂 I can’t believe we both got a pug at the same time. Jinx and Jinx again! I am loving your photos Kate and how you laugh with {at} your kids. More parents need to be fun like you guys! xo

    • Jenny! That’s so fun. And they are so similar! Black and same age! I told you we should marry them on instagram and invite all their pugs friends! Haha. xx

  • Cathy these shots are DIVINE!!! Truly beautiful. You’ve really captured the fun. You kids are just too adorable and you know I love Little Vador. I want to keep going back to look at them all. I wish I could get shots this great!

    • Thanks Lauren, you are so sweet! Vador likes you also. He thinks you’re a very nice lady! Haha. See how we could make a club together for poor mother of little devil boys? xx

  • Karen

    Gorgeous photos Cathy! Your jumping daughter is such a great action shot x

    • Thanks Karen. She enjoyed it very much, she wants to jump higher than her daddy… still not there… xx

  • Gorgeous day out. Little Vador is so gorgeous. I love the photo of your gorgeous girl jumping. Jx

    • Thanks Jess. That day was such a nice day before easter and before I was sick for a week. Nice memory to look at. xx

  • Fleur @ Our Urban Box

    Lovely photos! That day looks picture perfect with the sun shining! What a beautiful day out. I love how you have really captured how Vador was feeling, right down to throwing his bike! Such a cute little tantrum x

    • Thanks Fleur! Yes it was funny and I was lucky to have my big zoom. I was enough far from him to capture his behavior without him really notice. xx

  • Beautiful Cathy! x

  • Beautiful photos Cathy! You have such a gorgeous family! And our dog is named Chewbacca, so I am with you on the Star Wars thing!!

    • Oh yeah! Star wars fan blog club! I remember your post about how to watch Star wars. My little boy is totally into this story: how is it possible that son and father are fighting? haha xx

  • Jenny Jones

    Great family shots that capture the moment and tell a story. I love the photo and Vador is much cuter than the real one;)

  • These are great Cathy! Looks like you had a lot of fun. And i know what you mean when you mention the words spring and freezing wind in one sentence. It’s the same over here…

    • I know, we have a terrible spring in Europe! And to look at our Aussie friends pictures… isn’t that hurting? xx

      • Yes we do until now. But I hope it gets better. I’m especially jealous of those sunny beach pictures.

  • Very, very sweet Cathy. I love Vador! We are Star Wars people so I very much appreciate the name and resemblance!