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Picture books du monde review: February 2017 edition

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Ok so everybody know that Shannon is happily waiting for the magic number to be filled… I decided to dedicate this picture books edition review to her little ones.

The 2 books I’ve chosen to share this month are from the same editor « L’école des loisirs ». Very famous french editor, very used at schools and in every book lover families.

The first one is called « Le tournoi des jaloux »

This one is about rivality between brothers.

The 2 heros and brother princes are always fighting, the queen and the king are totally desperate for peace and call the fairy godmother who decides to create a big challenge (like in the knights time) for the « jealous ». The rule is simple, do exactly the same thing at the same time. It’s very funny to see the big brother play with baby toys and the little brother try to climb on a horse for the riding lesson.

Very fun, I used this book a lot, A LOT. Even now! Sorry for the bad quality of the pics, but my camera is packed up for a very exciting destination. I don’t want to bother her, she needs to rest for now. Shhhhhh….

Next one is to make peace after the battle: « A trois on a moins froid »

This cute little story is about solidarity. It’s also about coping with our differences and making them an ability instead of a difficulty. The squirrel and the hedgehog don’t have heaters and they are very cold. They try to warm each other spleeping in the same nest but the hedgehog is hurting the squirrel with his pines. They are going to ask the fluffly rabbit for help. And they’ll find a solution to keep them warm and have a good night. I think it’s a perfect story for siblings too. Just to show them that they can help each other but at the same time be different.

Sorry Shannon our third one, Little Vador the pug is not here now, he is having a holiday at grand daddy! But the kids are dedicating for you this book with the magic number!

Go and have a look at Shannon’s post, I guess she is starting to think about the sibling subject too. Next month, baby arrival picture book! I promise!

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