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Picture Books du Monde: March Review

A monthly Link-up

Welcome to Picture Books Du Monde, a monthly link-up where bloggers from around the world share their love of all things related to picture books.

We’re your hosts: Cathy from Peregrination Gourmande and Shannon from Oh Creative Day.

International best children picture books link-up

Hi! I’m Cathy.

I’ve always been a picture books lover. When I started my job as a psychologist, I discovered the power of those books on children with whom I was working. The power of words combined with illustrations. After I became a mum there was no reason to stop me buying tons more picture books for the family. Now I have 2 little bookworms and a well-used VIP card at my local bookstore. I’m also married to a collector of graphic novels. The bookshelves are full!

I’ll share with you each month a selection of picture books that interested us. I might also have some suggestions from my 10 year old daughter.

I hope you enjoy the link-up and the good books.

Hello! I’m Shannon, a teacher and a mama to 2 kids under 3.

I believe that reading is as important as breathing. I dream of having my own picture books published one day. I truly, wholeheartedly believe that there is a picture book to help all little ones (and big ones!) through most of life’s situations. They really are a perfect vehicle for making sense of the world.

I hope our link-up helps you to discover some amazing new books to add to your collections.

As you know, I’ve spent a month in Australia and I brought many many books. My suitcase was full of them! Art and cook books for me, comics for husband, and lots and lots of books for the kids. My blogger friends spoilt us with books. They knew we are a book worm family.

So for this month it will be all about picture books from Australia.

picture books from Australia and about Australia , link up on Peregrinationgourmande

A, B, C books showing typical australian animals. Guess who is using this book to help her with her Australian presentation at school?

The other A, B, C book is about the country. It shows the high spots of the cities, countryside… to the kids. It’s very educative even for adult tourists haha!

craft books for kids from Australia

I have a daughter who loves craft books. She was delighted to buy this drawing learning book (found it in the store of the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne) and to receive the Melbourne coloring book and the Greetings postcards. I bet her girlfriends were happy to receive those lovely postcards decorated with funky animals stickers.

coloring book and postcards for kids from Australia

The last book I wanted to show you is this funny book we found in the bookstore and we bought it, thinking about our pug. This is a short story about a pug who really wants to always be the winner. The drawings are very funny. Even if gingerboy doesn’t understand english the drawings are clear and explicit.

A pug picture book from Australia-best children books link up party

I hope you enjoy my first selection and that it gives you some ideas. Have a look at Shannon’s review and add your link here.



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  • I’m a huge fan of Australian picture books – they make great gifts to send to friends and family overseas. The pug ones looks super cute, and I love the look of A is for Australia. Next time you come, you’ll have to add Alphabetical Sydney to your collection!

    • I bet you are! The pug one was a needed one! Sorry it wasn’t a black pug. Maybe we should create one! Oh yes! Another one to the collection (in fact i can’t say mine, I’m hiding behind the kids but hihi I’ll never get rid of them even when the kids will be at uni!) xx cathy

  • I can’t wait to share some more books with you when you next visit!! So many good choices here. There is a whole series of those Pug books!!!

    • And I’ll bring back some more frenchy ones. I’ll dare more to bring you some really typical strange frenchy books! haha 😉

  • We love Pig the Pug books in our house – in fact anything by Aaron Blabey is always a winner with my tornadoes! So lovely to hear you were spoilt with books while you were here. Next time you visit I will be sure to add to that pile – there’s so many talented Aussie authors and picture books to discover!

    • Books are the best gift ever! I’m glad I had the chance to bring back some real australian stuff. I was also surprised about the difference between our french picture books cuture and yours. It’s different. Especially the drawings. Thanks for linking my friend! xx cathy

  • Some great books that I must get my hands on! Thank you for sharing, and what a clever link up! I love finding new books for the children I work with too, as they absolutely understand picture book concepts more so than ‘real life’ conversations about their situations. xx

    • Oh I have the perfect one for you. It’s in french but the drawings are so clear that it’s very helpful. I’ll share about it next month. I will make a therapeutical books review! xx cathy