Promenade in Loire Valley

10/10 June Photography Project

It’s already the 10th of June! Incredible! Remember I’m part of a photography circle called the 10 on 10 circle. It’s like a photography challenge. You may have landed here through the nice pictures post of Erik, so now, enjoy the circle!

Today I’ll take you on the Loire Valley. Summer is almost here. Evenings are warm and we had a nice promenade with kids near the river. We saw some boats, typical from our region. They are called « Gabare ». There was a folk dancing party and crepes have been eaten (oups no photo of food for once!)


The light was so dreamy at the end of the day. I tried my best with backlight. I took all those pictures with my 50mm and I felt as usual (except for portraits) limited. But soon, there is something coming for my birthday… Will show you it next month!

baignade interdite

I thought you would like some french words my friends…


loire valley

Some kids and dog enjoyed the « boat watching »!



loire valley

loire valley sunset

When we left I jumped out of the car on the bridge to take that sunset on the Loire. At this time of the year, the Loire valley is so beautiful and quiet.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Now you can follow the circle until you’re back at me. I send you to the lovely pictures of my blog mate Shannon.


  • Awesome photos Cathy! Definitely dreamy! I’ve never been to Loire Valley. Would love to visit now! x

    • He he see how my evil strategical plan is working? I make you all want to come here for a visit! haha! xx cathy

      • Yes definitely working. I have never really wanted to go to France, but I’m rethinking that now!

  • Lovely dreamy photos Cathy! I LOVE that sunset…definitely worth a stop to capture that! 🙂

    • Thanks Julie! I was running on that bridge like a crazy woman because the wind was hell! xx cathy

  • Ok, now the Loire Valley is up there on my Bucket List – these photos are positively dreamy Cathy!!! xx

  • Just stunning!

  • So beautiful Cathy! I love those shots of the bike with the bunting – amazing! You’ve done an excellent job with these!

  • Such beautiful pictures! It makes me want to jump on a plane and vive la France!

    • Have you ever been on this Loire road to visit the castles with your mum? xx cathy

      • No, I’ve travelled from Calais to Brittany and been to Paris but never to the Loire. When I was young, I went to Chablis and Clermont Ferrand on exchanges but there are so many parts of France I still want to see. With all the travelling I want to do, I don’t know how I have time to go to work!

      • You understand now why I asked for a sabatical!!! haha

  • Jacinta Barnes

    I want your puppy, your photography skills and to live where you do!! Love it all! Gorgeous as always!

    • I’m not sure kids will let you have the puppy! He is a therapeutical puppy! He ‘s their best friend! Omg I should blog about that! Thanks darling for your lovely comments! xx cathy

  • Thanks! Haha, I finally touched my new precious yesterday evening! I’ll tell you… it’s a full frame canon! It seems really WOW! But I will try it in several conditions and write a post about it. xx cathy

  • Hey Cathy, beautiful pictures!! I also use a 50mm lens and it’s my favorite I must say. I would totally buy the one of your pictures and hang it on the wall…

    • Thanks! I’m happy you like them! Next month I’ll try my new baby: full frame camera!!! yeah!!!

  • I always love your pics! So dreamy! And you make me want to move to France! I am dying for a new lens- can’t wait to see what you get for your birthday! x

    • Hey dear! I’m glad that I make you travel because it’s exactly what I do when I see all your pics from your far far away country!
      I will show very soon my new precious, Canon 6d, full frame! I’m so excited! Like a F… 4 kid! haha xx

  • Vadar! Oh he’s so cute! Gorgeous shots there Cathy. I so wanna go to France every time I see your stunning photos. My Mum leaves for Europe tomorrow. France in 2 weeks time – I must remind her to take heaps of photos of Monet’s Garden for me. Or anywhere really, it’s all so pretty!!

    • She will have a great holiday. How long will she stay in europe? June is a great month to come here. See how we all humans always want to be somewhere else. I sooooo want to come and visit australia but that’s a continent! so huge and impossible to visit in a few weeks of time. xx cathy

      • It sure a big place! It’s mostly open road from Perth to my place nearly 4 hrs away! Mum is in France for a week I think. She has a cousin in the South. Not seen him for 20 or more years I think!! Crazy!

  • PTAK

    Waouh the light of these pics is so beautiful 🙂 and the kids and the dog are so cute! It was nice to have this promenade with you tonight Cathy.
    Sylvaine, alias PTAK!

    • Coucou ma petite Ptak Sylvaine! C’est sympa de venir faire un tour par ici. I’m happy you liked my pictures. This evening summer light is so lovely! bisous cathy

  • Divine! I love the photos with the bicycle best. You really captured the light and the mood of the day, well done, Kate. Such a nice spot. x

  • Oh that dreamy light is just divine Cathy! You always take us a little journey and I love the peek into your life. My best friends just travelled right through there, so jealous! One day! Xx

    • Haha! You have to come also! I didn’t show the wine and food! That would have been so mean hehehe! xx

  • Ruth Rieckehoff

    I would love to spend the day aboard one of these boats while navigating slowly thru the river. Spending a day in a boat (sea or river) is one of my favorite activities. Beautiful photos!

    • Hi dear! Especially this part of Loire in the summer is so quiet and wild that it is Unesco classified. We are used to canoe for a day or two. You would love that! xx

  • bettynz

    That looks like a wonderful time with such great scenery!

  • Fleur @ Our Urban Box

    It looks so romantic and dreamy. I love the light you’ve captured in the bike photos. x

    • Those are really my favorite. Is this the magical light hour or whatever it’s called? xx