Six Reasons why Vancouver is a Kid Friendly City

Our Family Trip to Vancouver

A Travel to Western Canada: part 2

Remember this post?

Ok now I will tell you about the second part of our beautiful family trip in Canada. After 2 weeks in the Rockies, we took the plane and arrived in Vancouver.

I have to tell you… there will be a lot of pictures. So please come on in and have a seat! Admire this beautiful part of British Columbia, Canada.

My first impression of this city could be summed up with 3 words: Nature, Ocean, Bikes.

vancouver city

This is only for the first impression. Of course there is so much more to tell about this city.

The moutains are not far. We could learn about the Natives culture. The food was so good, especially the asian food. OMG, best ramen ever!!!

I won’t tell you a lot about accomodations because as you may know, we are those crazy people who exchange their home all the time!!!

Why is Vancouver such a kids friendly city?

  • I told you… bikes… everywhere! Bikes have their own roads. On the city map you can visualize them perfectly and chose those streets. And there are miles and miles of bike path. You can see on the pictures the signals: pedestrians path, bike path. The best part of bike path is along the marina to Stanley Park. It’s so beautiful. But crowdy so take the charriot for small kids. It’s easier and safer. We cycled something like 12 or 16 km per day. I was so proud of my girl because she managed to cycle this long and to went up the hills.

vancouver bikes

  • Beaches!!! Of course!!! Ocean is everywhere! Beaches are everywhere. Even heated swimming pools are just next to the beaches if sea is too cold. Yes, water there, is cold as you may guess! Isn’t this a paradise beach just in the city???

vancouver ocean

  • Museums. Full of interesting-no-boring-kids-friendly-museums. We enjoyed very much the Museum of Anthropology. It’s located in the beautiful campus of UBC (University of British Columbia) in the middle of wild nature just in the city. I am repeating myself but that is stunning about Vancouver! A big huge city in the middle of the nature. Nature is everywhere.  The kids appreciated the giant Totems.

anthtopology museum vancouver

Another great kids museum is the TELUS World of Science. It’s a wonderful museum full of scientific experiments adapted to kids.

We are really sorry to tell you that we were a bit disappointed by the Aquarium. We found it so small and a bit sad. The entrance fee is expensive and it was too crowdy.

vancouver aquarium

  • Parks. The huge and terrific Stanley Park. This park is so big and family friendly. Picnics areas, bike paths, swimming pools, playgrounds, forest, lakes… What else for a child paradise? Every kids would enjoy the Totems in Stanley Park.

vancouver totem

Cycling through Stanley Park, you’ll get this view on Vancouver bridge. The original color is green. I tried to play with B&W filters. Sorry for that!

vancouver bridge

Our kids also enjoyed Granville Island. Ok it’s a bit touristic place. I really advice you to go there with public transport or bikes because the parking is awful. It’s full of people. There is a lot of fun attractions for kids. Playgrounds, water splash, toys shops, candies shops… Another children paradise! It’s also fun for adults, there is a food market full of good stuff but sooooooo expensive!

Tip: go there early in the morning and get out of there to have lunch on the beach.

vancouver granville

vancouver marina

  • Canadian lifestyle. Gingerboy enjoyed so much the noisy firemen trucks, the pickups, the giant trucks, the giant streets, the giant burgers, even the giant dustbins! Everthing is so giant compared to european stuff!

vancouver streets

Unfortunatly at the time of our travel, I didn’t have my Rebel Canon Camera. And I missed a lot of pictures.

  • We ate in wonderful restaurants, always kids friendly. Even the tiniest  japonese place!

You have to visit Vancouver. This is such a great city. As we stayed in the Rockies, we didn’t chose to go to the mountains near the city. But I’m sure they are also great.

Now folks, stay tunned for the last episode of our canadian adventure… I mean… Vancouver Island! The best part of our holidays!

Enjoy the joyful holidays!

  • Kate,

    I agree with all your tips and recommendations. Vancouver is awesome city. I can’t wait to go back. I feel I went back thru your pictures.

    • Thanks dear. We had such a great time there. This outdoor lifestyle is totally ours! xx cathy

  • Your photos made me want to go back to Vancouver so bad. I had a three-day stop over there three years ago and although it was very cold at the time I really loved what I saw of the city. The people were so nice! Every time I opened my map on the street someone would stop to ask me if I needed directions 🙂

    • Thanks. We were lucky to be there in summer and had a lot of sun. Vancouver is so green that I can imagine it’s raining a lot! The people were very nice and easy going. We loved this city! xx cathy

  • Great photos Cathy and more than that I like the fact that you included the not-so-good bits to give us a heads up.

    Thanks for joining in #wednesdaywanderlust

    • Thanks dear. I like that travel post can be totally honest. Oh i didn’t use the #.

      Do I use it on IG and FB also? xx cathy

      • Hashtags are always handy 🙂

  • I love Vancouver and I’d love to go back, I went as a teenager (which is a long time ago) but still remember what a gorgeous and friendly place it was. Looking forward to seeing what you did on Vancouver Island now – I still have vivid memories of that too.

    • Do you remember the stunning nature? There are few big cities with high mountains and seaside. They have everything, lucky canadian! xx

  • It all looks glorious. Canada is going to be our next big adventure and Vancouver is definitely going to be on the itinerary. Maybe I should learn to ride a bike before I go… Loved your pictures – looks like you had an amazing time xx

    • You totally should, why not? But there are a lot of ocean activities also! I’ll try to blog very fast the last part of my trip on Vancouver Island, just to motivate you to prepare your next big travel! xx cathy

  • Oh my!! It’s been 10 years since I was in Vancouver and these pics have brought back wonderful memories! Thanks so much for sharing. Love Vancouver (and Canada in general really!)

    • Thanks dear. It was such an amazing travel. The wildlife and nature are stunning! I love Canada, also Quebec! xx cathy

  • You know that Melbourne and Vancouver always tie for Most Liveable City don’t you? It’s easy to see why – your photos are amazing. I’d love to know more about how you house swap and your experiences so far. It’s something I’d love to do once we move back home.

    • That doesn’t surprise me at all. There are not so many cities as big and wonderful just near the ocean, just near the wildlife. I will write a post in english about home exchange no problem. I have one but in french, sorry! Swap house is a great way to discover a country, a culture, live the local lifestyle. We have bben travelling this way for 7 years. And never had a problem. « Home » is Melbourne? xx cathy

      • Yes, ‘home’ is Melbourne, but ‘home for now’ is Shanghai. Not sure I’d feel comfortable with doing a house swap from here – or if it’s allowed even!

      • Probably not allowed. I will go to check on my exchange home website if there are any chinese offers. I ve noticed that home swapping is really depending on culture. For example, just a few offers in Japan and the most of them are from expat! I supposed it’s linked with cultural aspect; leave your house to strangers… There a lot of australian offers and french also! xx cathy

  • Looks fantastic!! I have always wanted to travel to Canada but on a long term scenario. We even thought about moving there for a little bit but my husband was a bit old for the working visa (shh! Don’t tell him I said that). Will have to make it a family trip now.

    • I know! I wanted to but we are both too old and too parents now! Not ready for that adventure! I met a lot of young couples (french) who were working there and enjoying life! xx cathy

  • What an incredible place. I would so love to travel to Canada one day. Hopefully whilst the kids are young enough to want to come with us xx

    • That’s such a nice trip to take the kids! Everything is easy for families. And camping! I love that! Europe is more difficult at least southern europe. In Canada there is so much space! That’s incredible for us from our little country! xx cathy

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    AMAZING photos! What a beautiful city! We’re hoping to go to Canada later this year actually!~

    • Really? You will totally enjoy it! Coming next … Vancouver Island! The best part of the travel! You will have to go there! xx

  • We went to Vancouver for 5 days and we LOVED it! It was freezing cold, but the combination of nature, food, shopping was all perfect. We were lucky to visit Whistler for a night and it was so beautiful.

    • Whistler must have been fantastic too. As we had a big trip in the Rockies we decide not to go. There are so many things to see and visit… xx cathy

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