Sydney Favorites

February 10/10 Photography Circle

It was difficult to chose, I had to struggle with myself not to post 30 pics!!!

I’ll try to present you some of my favorite views of the city. This is just my point of view and I’m sure another tourist would have chosen different views of Sydney. Oh and I tried to link all the pics to touristic informations, you know… just in case you are preparing a Sydney travel!

I had to start this 10/10 with the Opera house. You know as I love to take pics of details and avoid generalist pics. Sorry if I disappoint some of my french readers.



Of course, Sydney is all about beaches. This is the most famous Bondi Beach.


Everywhere you are, the sea is not very far. I love that so much. This big vibrant city on the beach. Such a nice way of life.

Whatsons bay

From the Royal Botanical Garden, we had a beautiful view on the modern buildings.

Botanical garden

I spent a long time playing with the stairs at the QVB. No my dear french readers!!! This is not a Cathedral, this is a mall!!! In a very nice old victorian building! It’s like le Printemps Opera or Les galeries Lafayette Haussmann at home!!! Yes!


We enjoyed our promenade at the Rocks, oldest part of the town.

the rocks


I always like to play with mirror and windows reflections.


Remember my dear readers, this is a photo circle, so jump and see the nice pics of my friend Shannon from Fortyup. I can’t wait to see what all my blogger mates have done this month!

I hope I got you inspired and gave you some sunshine in the north hemisphere winter. Enjoy the photos!


  • Seriously good snaps – I love seeing my city from your perspective. You have such a good eye! (I know, I know you have two of them, but you know what I mean!)

    • haha! I know what you mean, I’m learning … new words everyday! I should write them somewhere before I forget! Thanks my friend! I have plenty more to share… xx cathy

  • Wow. You’ve captured things I’ve never noticed and I’m in the city almost every day. A good reminder that I need to stop and just look around every now and then. So so thrilled you are enjoying our city surrounded by the sea! Xx

    • It’s the same with me in my city! But I’ve noticed now that I’m an instagram addict, it helps open your eyes on everyday life and everyday routine. Don’t you think? xx

  • You can never go wrong with the Sydney Opera House! I love taking pictures in the rocks and love your reflection photo too!

    • Thanks my dear! This Opera House is really photogenic! Like a beautiful model! Haha! But not skinny! Hihi xx

  • You are capturing all things Sydney. I love the Rocks area too.

    • Thanks! I loved this part but I’m really in love with those parks near the beaches, we don’t have that in France. xx cathy

  • Cathy I’m excited for you just looking at your pictures! I love the history of Sydney, it’s so romantic! We were just there & I became a tad obsessed with the old warehouse opposite our accommodation & spent a night googling it’s history!! Can’t wait to see more of your pics! xx

    • Thanks! Where did you stay? Which part? It’s so incredible a young country like Australia, trying to keep its history! You know in France, it’s all about old buildings so… That’s kind of architectural shock! xx cathy

      • We stayed on the edge of Darling Harbour & Pyrmont, we loved it – so easy to get around – & that harbour – it’s just soooo beautiful!!!

  • Gorgeous photos! I’m glad you love it here too 🙂 Really beautiful perspective of well-known areas. You make Sydney look beautiful.

    • It’s always interesting to see our place through tourists eyes, no? Thanks a lot! xx cathy

  • You made our Aussie shores! So excited for you and your daughter! It’s so different to your home but has it’s own beauty doesn’t it? There’s something about Darling Harbour and the Rocks I just love! So many great memories. I trust you both made some lovely memories – how lucky to meet some Clever Cookie friends too!! xx

    • Lovely visual memories and lovely freidnship memories! We are having such a great time and it’s only the beginning! xx cathy

  • How much fun! I’m so jealous that you’re getting to meet up with folks and see so many fabulous places. I love those stairs…and that beach! Oh wow! Great photos

    • Those ladies are wonderful! They are amazing, so nice and helpful. I’m sorry I can’t meet everyone in Australia because it’s such a huge country but really, it’s the bast part of the travel to meet them! xx cathy

  • All of these are great, but the perspective you’ve chosen for the first one makes this iconic structure even more fascinating. Well done!
    Thanks for linking up at

  • budgetjan

    I’m happy to see that Sydney put on some lovely blue skies for you Cathy. Excellent photo of Bondi Beach! Thanks for popping over to my blog today. 🙂

  • Gorgeous photos with such a perfect blue sky! I hope I can see Sydney someday soon, especially after reading your post!

    • The sky is very blue here, more than at home ! You have to visit this incredibl beautiful city. xx cathy

  • Kathy Marris

    Hi Cathy from another Kathy! Beautiful photos. This is why I adore Sydney – you can never take a bad photo in such a picturesque city. 🙂

    • So true Kathy! I love the city and the light helps the photographer very much. xx cathy

  • Sydney is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your view with us! 🙂

  • Sydney really is beautiful. Each time I see photos, I think, why have I not gone? Thanks for the tour!

  • I have lived in Sydney almost my whole life and I don’t think I have managed to take as many great Sydney photos as you have. I think your close up of the Opera House is great. It is a very photogenic building but you do get sick of seeing it from the same angle again and again. I took a helicopter ride over Sydney a couple of months ago and that is the only time I got better photos than yours.