Sydney Harbour Bridge

10/10 Photography Circle August 2016 edition

A Photo Walk through the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney harbour bridge, a photowalk with Peregrination gourmande

For my first post on our wonderful travel in Australia with the whole family, I’ll share with you some points of view of the famous bridge: the Sydney Harbour Bridge! You might be sick of the opera since my last trip to Sydney and on my IG account (I’ll never be sick of her!).

So let the bridge be photographed this time!

We played with the idea of a bridge climb, but decided to keep our money for the long long trip. Nevertheless, it looks fun and like an amazing experience. Then, just do it if you’re in Sydney and have plenty of money (haha!)

My friend Sammie looked after the kids while we went to this sunset twilight promenade. Very romantic! I tried to explore architecture photography both in B&W and  colors. Not very easy. Let me take you on this fascinating bridge, where people run, walk, drive, climb. The walk gives some good sensations as it’s very high, the view is amazing and the noise is incredible. The vibrations of the cars are very strong.

Walk through Sydney Harbor bridge, study in Black and white photography by Peregrination Gourmande

One way or another…

Sydney Harbour bridge by Peregrination Gourmande

Sydney Harbour bridge, black and white study by Peregrination Gourmande

Not only cars but also trains…

And, finally, when you have bravely crossed the bridge, you may climb the Pylone to visit the Bridge museum. It totally worth it. You’ll spend around 25 $ for 2 adults and will enjoy this fantastic 380° view of Sydney bay and Business District.

See the stairs? That’s where people climb the bridge. Amazing? Frightening?

Sydney Harbour bridge from the pylone bridge museum by Peregrination Gourmande

Sydney harbour bridge road and city business district by Peregrination Gourmande

I had to play with long exposure and cars. What do you think? Sydney Harbour bridge, long exposure cars and road by Peregrination Gourmande

This was the perfect day with perfect sky to enjoy 200% this experience. This is a absolutly to-do when visiting Sydney. I saved it on my last trip just because I knew I ‘d come back. Sydney, I’m in love with you!

sydney skyline from the Pylone of Harbour bridge, black and white photography by Peregrination gourmande

Just a little funny vintage lomo pic to end this post and I’ll let you with my friend Steph pics.  I can’t wait to see what she’s done for this month! Enjoy the circle until you ‘re back at me!

Sydney harbour bay from the harbour bridge by Peregrination Gourmande


  • You got some absolutely fabulous shots, I love them all but the last two are my favourites. I run over the bridge 2 or 3 times a week and I never get bored of the view or the magnificence of the structure. That bridge really is a beauty!

  • What an amazing bridge! It blows my mind that there are cars AND trains on the bridge. Whoa. And that you can climb to the top of the bridge? After my experience climbing stairs to get to the top of Diamondhead, I think i’d have to pass…although out in the open like that, perhaps I’d be OK…until my fear of heights kicked in!

    Great shots Cathy!

  • I’ve never seen the bridge from these angles. .. and I cross it everyday!! Amazing shots. And you will just have to return so you can do the bridge climb. I’ve never done it either… maybe we can do it together? Xx

  • I looove the long exposures – did you bring a tripod? And by the way you can never really get sick of the Opera House!

  • Stunning photos Cathy! I love the Sydney Harbour Bridge too – it sure won me over. We climbed the bridge before we had the kids. We went just as the sun went down – it was AMAZING!! I had friends message me before we went up teasing Farmer would propose up there. Once we were on top the tour guide said – Was there any questions? – and I waited and wished that Farmer would pop the question…Nuh!! He was clueless to the perfect moment and made me wait many more months! haha! Maybe next trip Cathy? How awesome Sam babysat the kids – she is the sweetest! xx

  • What beautiful photos Cathy! Sydney is stunning. When over there I never get sick of driving over the Bridge or looking at the Opera House. Looking forward to seeing you out West soon 🙂 xx