Sydney Twilight Photography

A photography walk for our last evening in Sydney

It was the last evening, we felt a bit sad to leave… My friend Steph took us for dumplings with her lovely family. After diner, she took us to take some pics of the sunset. I didn’t use a tripod, the sun is very fast to disappear in Sydney at this time of the year. Just a few pics for you.

Those 2 were my partners in crime this evening!


Do you know Steph’s blog? She hosts a photo link up and is part of my 10/10 photo circle. We had an amazing funny time together. We laughed a lot, especially when I couldn’t understand her (due to a abnormal speed of words/sec coming from her mouth). Love you Steph! 😉 She is usually hiding behind her camera or phone. But I’ll show you a selfie in a next blog post when I’ll tell you all about our bloggers party!


I love this crazy portrait! They were playing teasing each other through the camera and I took this expression! Perfect! Don’t you think?

sydney bridge

I like to play with silhouettes offered by the last light of the day.

sydney sunset

Someone wanted to have fun in that park. I have to confess that I’m not a fan of those things, especially the clowns… sorry! But the moon and the lights of Luna Park were there to welcome us. If you’re into high speed wheels and roller coasters, this is for you!


Enjoy the pictures and I hope they may inspire you.

Do you like to take pictures at twilight ? Do you use a tripod?

ps: I have just an update to do: You ‘ll find this post on the link up party on Steph’s blog, but I swear, we didn’t talk about it, it’s just a funny coincidence that our pics are identicals! Haha.


  • Gorgeous photos! Sunset light is divine.

  • Beautiful pics. I love the one of your big girl. Perfectly captures her spirit! Sydney (and us) miss you! Xx

    • Oh thanks, did you see that Steph posted at the same time the same pics? Without speaking to eachother? I miss you too! Come and visit us in France!!!! Rent a bus for all your families!!!! xx cathy

  • It’s been great following your journey around parts of Australia thanks to IG and your bloggy friends. What a great community bloggers make. This is my former home city and I miss it but I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph this part of Sydney a lot. Best wishes for the rest of your trip. Denyse

    • Thanks a lot. Ig and blog community are great communities with great people. I’m so happy to meet all my online friends. Where are you now? Are you far from Sydney?
      xx cathy

  • Beautiful shots of a beautiful city – your timing was spot on! When Mother Nature puts on a show like this, who needs the tripod! I love that picture of your girl looking right into the camera. We miss you already xx

    • That’s my fav too. Isn’t it funny? Finally the best pics of people is when they don’t notice! Funny! We miss you too! xx cathy

  • This is so cool! I am so glad you are having a wonderful time Cathy.

  • It was so much fun! Must do it again when you are here next!! xx

  • Beautiful. Those sunset photos are amazing!

  • The bridge photo is wonderful! I do love a good silhouette.

  • nice photo of the bridge#TPThursday

  • Luna Park is a Sydney icon. Almost every person who grew up here went there at least once as a child. Even if you don’t like amusements parks you have to love it for its heritage value.

    • Yes totally! It has a vintage retro atomsphere. Just I really don’t like clowns!!!! haha xx cathy

  • Aditi Shukla

    Such amazing clicks, esp the bridge! #TPThursday

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    Gorgeous photos Cathy. I love silhouettes!

  • Mary Denman

    Beautiful night captures. Well done!

  • I love twilight in Sydney, it really is « golden hour », stunning photo’s and I love the expression on L’s face. Gorgeous photo’s x

  • Great captures – love the orange in the sunset!

  • Lozzie@MessyRainbows

    Lovely captures. I love your daughters face! That is a fab photo. I love sunsets & taking pics of them but often find the photos never do justice to just how amazing they really are

    • That’s my fav too. I love the smile in her eyes. She looks funny. That’s true, through the lense and seing in real… well not the same! xx cathy

  • Hello, so nice to meet you! I really enjoyed your twilight photos, the Harbour Bridge in silhouette is great and that capture of Luna Park clown is cool because it’s different to the usual shot (and I must get there and see if I can copy this!!) So good to read about your Sydney visit and hope to meet you one day in real life down here again.

    • I’m glad I met you thanks to Sam! Of course I’ll be back just in a few months haha! I can’t live without Sydney now! xx cathy

    • Ps: I might need your help to organise our next camper van tour In Queensland! xx

  • Corinne Vail

    Beautiful photos…I definitely need to haul my tripod around more!

    • Thanks a lot! Well I even didn’t use the tripod but at 8 I couldn’t take pics anymore 🙁

      xx cathy

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    What an awesome trip you’re having!! Love the pic of Steph taking the photo! So sad I’ve missed your trip! Enjoy xx

    • I’ll be back Lucy! With all the family! It’s amazing here. I really could live here! xx cathy

  • sophia

    Nice pictures. 2-one pic is very pretty.