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Picture book du monde review: Christmas gifts ideas edition

A little something new this time! If you don’t have any ideas for a good gift for your teens, this post is for you!

We just celebrate our daughter’s birthday. She turned 11 on monday. She is such a book worm. So she had books as gifts and also gift card to spend in her favorite books and comics book shop. When I asked her to lend me her books for this post, she was more than happy and I had to stop her giving me tons of different books. The books she chose to share today are part of series. They are in the adventure/fantasy genre.

Even if in those saga, we are plunged into a fantasy world, I think that teens can identify themselves very easily to the characters. Those books shows also some very common teenagers issues as in relations (friendship, boyfriends, family…).

  • Bliss, by K. Littlewood


Bliss bakery is a very good fun trilogy. My daughter has not read the 3rd book yet but she enjoyed so much the 1st and and that she had read them several times. This is to be offered from the age of 9 for good readers. Lots of pages but lots of fun. A story about a family of bakers, but not common bakers… magicians bakers! Guess why we are fans at Pérégrination Gourmande?

  • Oksa Pollock Saga

    Oksa pollock

My favorite is surely this one: Oksa Pollock. This young teenager discovers her superpowers and will have to take a mission. I like the fact that my girl can identify herself to the hero, I love the fact that she can read it in a good written french langage, I adore the fact that the authors invented a complex saga that can goes and goes forever. I hope so because my girl is addicted!

What I surely love also is that a comic or a « bande dessiné » in french, was published on Oksa adventures.

  • Warriors

Another genre… Animal genre? Does that even exists? Animal fantasy! My girl is newly addict to Warriors or « La guerre des clans »in French. I still feel strange about the idea of multiple writers for a book. I’m very curious about how they manage to write altogether, using the material of each other. But it’s surely is a very good saga. Easy to read, addictive. Apparently the cats are still very popular for this age. Amazing?

Do you have any favorite teens books to advice?

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