The Best Blueberry Pie Recipe

I love blueberries. We don’t have many of those precious in my region, especially fresh ones are soooo expensive. So I used frozen blueberries.

blueberry pie

Recently I made 2 versions of the blueberry pie. I used the same crust, « pâte sucrée ». (My perfect crust pie recipe here). But I changed the cream. Today I’ll share with you the very good passion fruit diplomate cream.

blueberry pie

What is a diplomate cream? It’s basicaly a pastry cream combined with chantilly. Sounds delicious? Yeah!!! Diplomate cream is usually flavored with vanilla. So this is an exotic one!

I wanted to try to combine the sweetness of blueberries with a sour fruit. My first guess was lemon custard. But afterwards I saw in my freezer some passion fruit purée. Let’s try this!


passion fruit cream

The Best Blueberry Pie Recipe
Recipe type: pies
Cuisine: French
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
The best blueberry pie with a touch of passion fruit flavor.
  • One of my perfect crust pie
  • Marmelade:
  • 300g blueberries
  • 3tbs sugar
  • Fruity Pastry Cream:
  • 230g passion fruit purée
  • 170g milk
  • 80g sugar
  • 30g corn flour combined with 64 g eggs
  • 7g gelatin
  • Chantilly:
  • 300g of cream (30% fat)
  1. Make the crust and bake it.
  2. Let it cool completly.
  3. Blueberry marmelade. (Fake marmelade because it's not a real full sugar marmelade. In french we call that a "compotée").
  4. Put in a pan the fruits and sugar. Put on low heat and let bake until the fruits are half melted. It should be between sirup and marmelade. Let it cool completly
  5. Diplomate cream:
  6. Fruity pastry cream:
  7. Put to boil on high heat the fruit purée and milk
  8. Mix altegher: sugar + corn flour + eggs
  9. When the liquid boils add the mix and keep blending for 3 minutes.
  10. And add gelatin.
  11. Mix together.
  12. Let the pastry cream cool completly. (In the fridge)
  13. Chantilly:
  14. Whip the cream to get a chantilly.
  15. Combine the chantilly with the pastry cream.
  16. You just made a "Diplomate Cream"! Voilà!
  17. I put the cream in a pipping bag and made a nice decoration for once.
  18. Top the pie with the blueberry marmelade and enjoy this tasty and fruity tart!



diplomate cream


Enjoy the good food!



  • That looks as pretty as a picture and you really are the Piping Queen! Pie-licious!

  • This looks amazing, Kate. There’s not a chance that I could do all that luscious piping, but I reckon my standard slather would work okay. Do you know I’ve never had blueberry pie? Not once! I must rectify this. x

    • I would love you to try mine! The piping is not that difficult, I just had a great teacher of piping haha! xx cathy

  • Mmmm you had me at diplomate cream! Chantilly and pastry cream? Yes please!

    • And it’s a lot lighter than Mousseline Cream (pastry cream and butter) so it’s guiltfree! xx cathy

  • Wow – this looks so pretty, I bet it tastes just amazing!

    • I was quite happy with the tasting result. I plan to make it a big cake for Husband birthday so … we’ll see. xx cathy

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Wow!!! Everything you make looks just amazing!! Blueberries are so expensive here too! But for a special occasion, this would be great! Love that you can use frozen ones in this. Thanks for joining our Fabulous Foodie Fridays party! xx

    • I just heard they stopped selling them at my groceries shop! How will I do now? That’s bakery drama for me!!! 🙁

  • Oh wow! This looks incredible. You are so very clever! xx