Wengen Skiing Trip part 2

Friday Photo Post

I was so happy that you were a lot to like my Wengen photo post… that i wanted to share more of my Swiss alps trip! Ok i’m cheating a little bit as i came back last week. Those are almost week pictures.

On the last day i went bask to hike. The sun within 5 days melted a lot of the snow. Still… Heidi’s country is so beautiful. It’s wild and preserved. Look at those farm houses. The color of the wood is just stunning.

Swiss Alps

I edited those in B&W because the light of the sun was so strong that the pictures came out a little overexposed. I think the retro wooden farm matches well with B&W editing. What do you think?



wengenSo that’s enough for my swiss alps trip, i promise. I had a really good time there. And i hope to go back there sometime, why not in summer.