Hi everyone!

I have so many pictures to share with you today. Of course it’s easy for me as i’m on holidays! I had such a great time in Swiss Alps. We stayed,  Number 1 and I, in Wengen with  friends for one week. I hiked every morning. I took these pictures while walking. The very original thing in Wengen Ski station is that there is no car. Amazing isn’t it? It’s so quiet and perfect for children. There is this magical retro train to go up the mountains.

And at the end of the train rail, i’ll give you some travel info.

Come on! Follow me following the train and going up from 1200m high to 1800m high.

wengen Just look at this beauty! This was my reward to climb up 600m high. It was great.

wengen stationI was just sitting on that bench for a meditative moment.

What about playing with shadows in the snow? I edited those 2 in B&W because they were really too bright.

Some signals, just for pleasure! 

swissalpsWhat do you think of this train? It’s just the funniest thing i’ve ever seen to go up a mountain!

wengen train

kleine scheidegg

Wengenalp station

This is my favorite one. I stayed there just looking at the fabulous light. This forest is just like a fairy tale. I was waiting for a deer to come sau hello but no one came. And cherry on the cake,  a little animated gif with smiling and laughing kids. Happy to live, happy to be on holidays, happy to be together.

What is great about Wengen ski station:

  • Remember leave your car behind you at the parking lot in Lauterbrunnen where you take the train to climb up the mountain.
  • Totally kids friendly.
  • The most incredible snowgarden for children beginners i have ever seen. They have all those fancy motricity paths with automatical carpets and amazing ski teachers. They are not only good teachers, they are also great with kids, really motivating them.
  • Nice walks and stunning views.
  • A lot of skiing paths for older children and adults.
  • The most amazing sledge path. You just take the train up the mountain with your sledge and take the long and beautiful path to slide down to the village.



  • Beautiful!!! I absolutely love snowy mountains and was fortunate enough to visit the Alps as a teenager and this reminds me of our family’s trips back then. The photograph with the trees and warm light is just beautiful. And I love the b&w snow shadow photos as well. (I found you through the Pierced Wonderings link-up)

    • Thank you Jessica. That’s funny that i made you recall your teens trip in the alps 😉 I had to give a try to B&W editing with snow shadows. It brings warmer light i thought. xx cathy

  • Gorgeous photos!! What a location! Found you through Pierced Wonderings linky.

    • Thank you to stop by. It’s a great location, swiss alps are amazing. French alps too but this little family ski station… just the best i’ve ever visited! xx cathy

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    What beautiful pictures – it all looks snowtastic! I especially love the animation (you so clever!) and how cute is that train?! It looks like you had an amazing time – hurrah for holidays! x

    • Snowtastic! I like that word! The gif was easy work with internet. I had a wonderful holiday. It’s a pity that the boys stayed in Paris. Maybe next time… xx cathy

  • jenpiercedwonderings

    You take amazing photos Cathy! There are so many places that I want to make it to, and I’m adding this to my list. I’m not much for cold weather anymore, but I could go for a sled ride and then sip a drink or two by a nice fire afterwards 😉

    Thank you for joining us again this week! I love your support!

    • Thank you Jen. Thanks to you, i’m taking those pictures and force myself to work on my photo skills. I love photo challenges! Yeah, there are a few nice hotel and restaurants that you would love for a drink or two! haha

      xx cathy

  • Coucou Cathy!
    Wow! C’est le top ces montagnes! Et pas de voiture pour circuler? Cool! La paix total. Jolies photos, Cathy! Je devrais faire ce genre de photo plus souvent, montrer les lieux où je vais. J’aime beaucoup la contre-plongé sur l’horloge, les sapins, le banc et la vue du train. Vraiment chouette!
    Je ne sais pas si tes vacances sont terminées, mais profites-en bien!

    • La paix totale! Presque comme chez toi… mais non quand même pas, il y a quelques touristes… Merci, tes compliments font bien plaisir. Alors si j’apprends à retravailler avec photoshop j’imagine que le résultat sera encore mieux. Tu vois les lignes dont je te parlais? Les courbes, les lignes, ça me plait bien… xx cathy

  • Visiting from « Pierced Wonderings ». I’m in love with the shot of red,, via the bench, against the white snow. Beautiful.

    • Hi, thank you for stopping by. I love the bench one also. And i’m addict to the curve and straight lines 😉
      xx cathy

  • Cathy, those photos are SO beautiful! That little train is so cute and I love the photo of the light in the trees. That could be an artwork on the wall. It looks so gorgeous. I love the snow and wish it would snow more here in Australia!!

    • Thanks Lauren, i had the most relaxing time there. The light of the sun reflecting in the snow helped us to go on until the end of our grey and rainy winter. xx cathy

  • Beautiful! Living in Queensland Australia we don’t see snow. Actually just adding up, its been nearly 10 years since I last saw snow in person. Thanks for sharing your pics.

    • Thanks Karin. It’s incredible to think that in your huge country you don’t have a place where there is snow… But you have this amazing blue and hot sea! xx cathy