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10/10 Photography Circle

What happened to me the last past months? Sorry I wasn’t there on the blog too much. Since september a lot has happened.

First we moved and had to say goodbye to our home, sweet home.

I stayed 2 months without proper internet (and I’m not counting the days sitting in the cyber café in Croatia…)

I plunged myself into conceptual photography with 2 wonderful teachers: Henry and Catherine.

Here are 2 extracts. Those courses have taken me out of my comfort zone. And that was good to be brave enough to go deep in there.



I posted every pic of those courses on IG or here.

I had the best time ever with my friend travelling in the Most Romantic city of the world (for me). Let’s say: Prague!


There, as my friend is a coffee addict, we spent a lot of time tasting coffee. I tried myself to street photography coffee photography.




And I just have to mention our great airBnb with a view on the historical town. Jusk ask me for the adress!


We had a lot of parties celebrating 10th birthday of the very big girl! So proud of you!


Also proud of Ginger Boy who behaves very well now in restaurants!


With all the parties (Harry Potter party, family party…) You can imagine the kitchen smell in the appartment…


This 4 months are really going too fast. I’m now preparing for our next travel. Stay tuned…

This post is part of a photography circle, please go have a look to the beautiful pics of my lovely friend Stephanie from Steph’s joy.


  • Gorgeous, pics as always! I especially love the coffee ones and that Gravity Cake! Oh, my! I agree with you about Prague, it is so romantic! I don’t know whether it is THE most romantic city, but I know that it’s my favourite city! I wonder where you’re going to next… 🙂

    • Hehe I have to confess that before Australia, I’ll go with hubby on a 3 days trip to south of France for our 10 years anniversary! So my next 10/10 will make you travel there. xx cathy

  • Your pics are great Cathy ! And it’s super cool all the things you have been doing, and it’s cool to let us know about them 🙂

  • Love your coffee photos Cathy! Especially the old lady in the cafe, so lovely! I also LOVE the photos of your big pretty girl and your Ginger boy! Just beautiful! Can’t wait for your next photographs!

    • Thanks dear. My very soon photographs will be of your beautiful country! Hihihi ! xx cathy

  • Oh wow. These are incredible Cathy as always. I love your coffee photography (even though I don’t drink coffee). I’ve never been to Prague but it’s definitely on the list. And that cake is awesome! Happy birthday to your big girl. Cant wait to meet her soon. Xx

    • Thanks of course Prague has to be on your european list with Budapest and Vienna. We are getting crazy with impatience to come to you!!! It will be very soon! xx cathy

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Wow Cathy! Your photography just blows me away. And that cake… amazing!!

    • Thanks Lucy! I just need to be less lazy and write a post about the recipe and method! hehe xx cathy

  • Omg what pressure!!! I’ll have to be a very nice french lady ambassador!!! haha! Just please don’t imagine that I’ll always be classy and in high heels! Haha! That gravity cake is amazing! It took a lot of time and patience! Which I don’t have much haha! xx cathy

  • Lovely as usual Cathy! I love those shots of your kids. I feel like i am in the room watching them. I love Prague too, it has a special place in my heart or at least very memorable! We were backpacking and arrived in the city on the train, then to have our passports checked by very stern and serious guards armed with machine guns. Luckily all was in order! Have a great weekend!

    • Oh when was that? Have you backpacked in all europe? The kids are good subject!!! especially for their mum! haha xx cathy

  • Beautiful photos – I love Croatia and Prague. We were in Europe for 3 months on our honeymoon almost 4 years ago. I can’t wait to get back there!

    • Yes it’s so beautiful! I love those places. When you go to croatia, tell me, we can meet there! xx cathy

  • Your photos are beautiful Cathy. Your kiddos are so cute. Can’t wait to meet your daughter when you are here. I love your coffee photos, and that cake is just amazing. x

  • You always manage to take such beautiful photos! As always, I’m envious of your travels – particularly the ones that are upcoming! I can’t wait to see all of those photos! Magnificent captures this month!

    • Hehe and before the big travel, there is a little trip to south of france coming tonight!!! Just the 2 of us, without kids! coooool… I’ll spam Ig, be prepared! xx cathy

  • Oh I love the different angles you’ve taken here Cathy! What a beautiful place to discover!! Oh I’m soooooooo envious so many CC will meet you soon!! Can’t wait for those photos 😉 Hope the move went well, your kids are adorable xx

  • Cathy your photos are amazing – you have such an eye for details and you capture moments so beautifully. You’re like a spy with your camera!

    • Thanks my dear, I really take the compliment as I’m always doubting so much… I’m too perfectionist with my photography! xx cathy